Tamara Davies

Tamara Davies


Moore, Oklahoma, USA

Birth Name

Tamara Marie Davies



Also Known As

Tamara Davissi
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Tamara Davies was born on June 6, in Oklahoma and graduated from the "University of Oklahoma" at Chapel Hill.

Tamara is the fiery, spirited and forthright "Amy" who, while blind, what she can't see with her eyes, she can sense with her uncanny intuition. Fiercely independent and…more


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    • Tamara Davies [On her job as a telemarketer]: It was awful. My ex-husband and I both took telemarketing jobs selling health insurance. I was lonely and miserable, like purgatory. At least butchering meat was interesting, because you're learning about parts of the cow or fish. But with telemarketing, it's dialing phone numbers over and over. I feel bad whenever a telemarketer calls me. I have such sympathy for them.

    • Before entering the acting business, Tamara did the following jobs: a telemarketer, appointment maker and a bartender.

    • Tamara enjoys the following hobbies: sky diving, rock climbing, snow and water skiing.

    • Tamara's favorite authors are James Joyce, Tom Robbins and Sylvia Plath.

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