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    • Tamara:(About her dream project) I would love to go help baby sea turtles back into the ocean after hatching in Mexico. Moviewise I would love to make the story of princess Erendira. She was a 16 year old princess/warrior who led her tribe in war against the spanish around 1513. She almost defeated them and the Tarascans were the only tribe the Aztecs couldn't defeat.

    • Tamara:(Her advice for people trying to get into the business) I would say that the biggest inspiration would be Adam Green! Hatchet has been 'dead' so many times, we've been told it was coming out, then it wasn't coming out. It was going to go straight to video, then it wasn't even going to video…then it was dropped, then it would come back. All through it, the only reason Hatchet is going to do anything, is because Adam won't take no for an answer. He'll do it himself, he's so grassroots-and I think that's the biggest thing is to not sit around and wait for someone to hand something to you. You've got to just go after it, and make it happen and be fearless. Like when I auditioned, and he said do it in ten seconds or less. You just dive in, and just do it!

    • Tamara Feldman plays the bass in the band The Supersonic Jets.

    • Tamara:(On preparing for "Hatchet") I did another horror movie that was in Kansas. I actually flew in – I'd been running around in the woods in the middle of the night for a month before that, that's what I did to prepare. Then I flew…I worked that night, and then I left Kansas at like 6 in the morning once the sun came up. Flew in, got into L.A. when it was kind of evening, early evening and then I went straight to work. They picked me up at the airport and I went straight to work. I had to go in there, they had to wash off the blood from the other shoot and then they reapplied their own blood and then dirt and mud. They were like, 'Okay, go.' So I didn't sleep for like 30 hours on the first day. Then I just had to like run around and do that. So that's how I kind of got prepared!

    • Tamara:(About her fear of latex) Even when I was a kid, when I would go into Halloween stores, I couldn't walk down that aisle with those masks. You would have to drag me through it so I wouldn't be able to touch them or get near them or anything. I was always really freaked out. And they all thought it was funny so Kane [Hodder] would chase me down like even more. It got to where I had to be like, 'Please,' when they yelled cut, 'Stop chasing me because I'm gonna die!' And I would run into the producers' tent and hide behind them, because I knew that he couldn't come in there and mess with me with all the producers. It was really funny.

    • Tamara:(On working with old-style effects instead of CG in "Hatchet") It was better. It was scary because I have a phobia of latex - like the foam stuff that Halloween masks are made out of - and so the monster was made out of that. So I was really, really scared all the time. If I touch it, my heart starts beating really fast. My palms start sweating… It's this weird phobia I get. I'm actually scared of [the monster], so it made it a lot easier. You don't really have to be a good actor if you're actually freaked out

    • Tamara:(About "Hatchet") I think people are sick of like torture-reality, like horror movies that make you feel like sh--. It's fun and it's adrenaline, but it's obviously not real

    • Tamara:(On her role in "Dirty Sexy Money") That is really, really good. Even at the table read you can tell how good it's going to be. I mean, Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh… When they read they're so subtle and quiet. It's just like, 'Wow, that's how you do it.' So I'm learning things around these people. Peter Krause is amazing and he's the sweetest person on the planet. Plus all these really great actors that are actually really nice people. You get to learn a lot. And then the characters are so over the top, and it's so fun because I can do anything I want. Like I can be a complete bitch one second and then be like giggling and really cute the next second. And I get to wear the best clothes

    • Tamara:(About her role on
      "Gossip Girl"
      She's a friend. They start hanging out together. I actually try to get Serena to stand up for herself a little bit more.

    • Tamara:(On watching horror movies growing up) Yeah, I think everybody does. Especially around Halloween, I would always watch Freddy Kruger, all the "Nightmares." I would always be scared of the boiler room, and the screeching when he'd scratch his nails against the lockers. I was terrified, and I'd have nightmares of Freddy all the time.

    • Tamara:(On preparing for "Hatchet") I definitely do the work and think about the backstory, and think about the relationships - I mean, I don't have any scenes with my brother and my dad, so I had to come up with my own story of us together, and Adam would come up with some stories that he would tell me before we'd shoot. You should never go into any movie without a backstory, without doing the work, you know?

    • Tamara:(On landing a role in "Hatchet") just auditioned for it. I know that Deon [Richmond] was offered his role, and so was Robert and Kane, but I just auditioned like everybody else and ended up having a really good time in the audition room. Adam was like "Okay do that two page monologue you just did in ten seconds or less!" I was just like "Okay!" And we just read through it and they were all dying laughing, and that's kind've how I got it.

    • Tamara:(About her character in "Supernatural") She was not malicious. I just think she was dealing with a lot of hurt and didn't know how to deal with it. Of course when you're dead your morals are probably not what they should be! My guess is that if your feelings are strong enough at the time of death they can linger around after.

    • Tamara:(On her role in "Supernatural") I didn't have to audition. I just found out that I was leaving the next morning. Not very much warning! Being on set was great. Everyone is sooo cool up there. I had a great time and got to wear some gross make-up. Head casts aren't very fun though.

    • Tamara:(When asked what the perfect job for her would be) I think a lot of action. I like to be physical and try new scary things! Also, shooting somewhere warm! I can't decide between other subjects. That's why acting is so great, you get to try everything. It all has merit: dramatic, crying, break your heart stuff; and laughing, sweet; whatever. I am doing a movie now called Rez Bomb. It's cold up here, but the story is so great. It's set on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and it's a love story between me, a Lakota, and a white boy. It is perfect to me because it sheds light on the real life on the reservation and not some romanticized or racist version of Indians. It's just real life. All a perfect job needs is a good story.

    • Tamara: Looking back, I knew I wanted to act. I don't think I ever knew it was an option for me though until much later. I was living in San Francisco and I took an acting class for fun. My teacher, Matt Shelton, told me that he thought I was really good and should move to LA as soon as possible. All I needed was that little push; he was really sweet. I moved down and his sister and her husband helped me out with a couple meetings and eventually I just found my own way.