Tamara Tunie

Tamara Tunie


McKeesport, PA

Birth Name

Tamara Tunie



Also Known As

Tamara Tunie Generet, Tamara Tunie Bouquett
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Tamara Tunie is a 1981 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

Both her parents were morticians, and the family lived above the funeral parlor.

She was a contestant in the Miss Black Teenage Pageant in Pittsburgh in the early '70s.

An experienced stage actor, she made her Broadway debut alongside Lena Horne…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A beautiful, talented actress!

    Gosh, I can't believe Ms. Tunie has only a 5.6 score. She's fantastic! A beautiful, well-spoken, talented actress. Would love to see her have a more prominent role in some of the episodes. I just think she's wonderful. I remember one of my favorite lines was after "Olivia" was nearly raped while undercover in the prison and "Melinda" was asking how Olivia knew about the mole on the prison guard's penis Olivia said she had seen it. Melinda gets this look on her face but doesn't want to show disgust or anger. She gently asks - did he rape you, Olivia? - It was a small part, but it was very moving seeing the emotion on her face. It was perfectly done. Any more emotion would have been too much. It takes a great actor to know when to keep it at a believable level.moreless
  • Tamara Tunie: Get Ready World,,, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

    The Rare Combination of Beauty, Sophistication, Confidence and Talent all rolled into one Actress; where it is just so Undeniable, hasn’t existed in quite a long time. Probably not since

    Greta Garbo, have we been so Completely Mesmerized by the Screen Presence of one mere

    woman. Once Tamara enters the frame, you -Cannot- take your eyes away, She Commands your Complete Attention! The way She walks, her posture, her body language all says, " I have

    arrived,, and I Do have Something to Say " ... My first introduction to Ms. Tunie, was in the masterful film The Devil’s Advocate..

    What a wonderful vehicle to showcase just what she has to offer... All through the film

    I kept saying to myself,, Who is this woman,, and why haven’t I seen her before..

    Although her scenes were tantalizing to say the least, you couldn’t help wanting more of

    her. I thought surely after that role, we would see more of this magnificent talent,,

    Unfortunately,, I didn’t have an opportunity to see her again until purchasing the boxed

    DVD set of 24 Season 1.. About midway through the season,, I saw her, and I thought,,

    hey wait,, that’s her,, that’s the actress from The Devil’s Advocate,, and as quickly as she

    entered the season,, she was gone... To all the Film and Television Execs,,, I say,, Please give us more of Tamara Tunie,,

    Don’t deny us the Pleasure & Satisfaction of seeing this Incredible Talent in more leading roles..

    Hollywood,, “ Give The People What They Want,, More Tamara Tunie “

    A Huge Fan,,,

    Hoffman Estates, ILmoreless