Tami Roman

Tami Roman


4/17/1970, Mount Vernon, New York, USA

Birth Name

Tami Akbar



Also Known As

Tami Akbar, Tami Anderson
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    • Tami Roman: Acting is easy. Motherhood is the hardest. Luckily for me, my daughters are old enough to understand when mommy is working and she'll be away for a week. My mother helps me a lot. She's my live-in nanny. So, when I'm working, she watches my kids.

    • Tami Roman: The roles for African American females are few and far between. I felt so lucky to be on Moonlight as an African American female. That was a great accomplishment for me.

    • Tami Roman: (about her role in The Last Stand) I play DeDe Calvin. I'm the only female of the group. DeDe would be the sound-mind of the group. She's the one person who just followed the plan that life sets out for you. She became a teacher, she has a good salary, she has a wonderful home. So, she's the only one that didn't breakout and follow that dream of being a comedian and is now trying to pursue that.