Tammin Sursok

Tammin Sursok


8/19/1983, Johannesburg, South Africa

Birth Name

Tammin Pamela Sursok



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Tammin Pamela Sursok was born August 19, 1983. Tammin started her career on the successful Australian soap "Home & Away". She left the soap to pursue her singing career. With hit singles and a hit album under her belt, Tammin has gone on to pursue her acting career…more


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    • Tammin: I've become a lot stronger and I know more about who I am now I don't have my support group and family around me. Things that were important to me before aren't so much now and I've become a lot more centred.

    • Tammin: When people get too thin and they don't get enough brain food, they start to look dead in the face. Their eyes look dead. That stuff doesn't appeal to me. Women who starve themselves to be skinny don't look happy to me.

    • Tammin: American men are so different to Australian guys. Here, a guy will follow you in a car until you stop. You learn to just say yes and give them a false number.

    • Tammin: Launching my career in Hollywood was my idea, but suddenly I wasn't so sure if I could make it alone. So I went out and bought a dog and a brand-new yellow Beetle car. I knew I'd never have the heart to abandon my Maltese dog, Tiger, and a new car gave me a sense of security.

    • Tammin: (on her album) I write music and lyrics. I've probably written lyrics for over 100 songs in the last couple of years, so that's definitely a strong point for me. I see song-writing as the heart and soul of being an artist. That's why this album is me.

    • Tammin (on her debut single "Pointless Relationship"): The first time I heard the song I could understand where it was going. This girl is going out with this guy in this relationship and she thinks it's going to be everything she ever dreamed of, but it's doomed to fail because they both want different things. It's a feeling everyone can definitely relate to, because there's always a relationship in your life that never comes out the way you thought it would in the beginning.

    • Tammin: I could have stayed longer on the show (Home & Away), and they asked me to but it's hard to focus on two things at once. I want to focus on my music now.

    • Tammin: I've been brought up in the music industry. Mum is a classically trained pianist and guitar player, and still teaches guitar, so I've been exposed to music all my life.

    • Tammin: I knew the music I liked and I knew who I was. But I didn't know how to show that musically yet. And I knew that if I did sign I wouldn't have a long-term career. And that's what I want, because music is something I'm really passionate about.

  • I really liked you when you were on Home and Away because I thought you had a cute nobby nose.

    I was a big fan of yours. I have watched and taped every episode with you as Dani Sutherland in Home and Away from 2000-2004.

    I am living in a residential house because I have Aspergers Syndrome, which means I get stuck on magpies, I have been watching Home and Away with family and friends.

    I would like to meet you for a cake and a hot chocolate one day.