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Tammy Pescatelli, the Sicilian comedienne/actress from Cleveland, made her debut appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on July 15, 2003. In addition, she is a three-time Addie Award winner and two-time Cleo nominee. She's performed in comedy clubs all over the USA and is arguably one…more


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    • Tammy: If I thought I was beautiful, you would have seen me in a beauty contest. I wouldn't have been writing jokes for 11 years, struggling driving city to city. My job is to tell jokes.

    • Tammy: Wouldn't you like to see like a real life reality TV show? We could call it What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

    • Tammy: I called my dad, I said dad I shot a pilot. He said hey, not over the phone. No, pops, a T.V. pilot. I don't care what airline he was from, I'm not going down just 'cause you get sloppy, go call me from a pay phone.

    • Tammy: Hi I'm Tammy Pescatelli, that's Sicilian, but not all Sicilian's work in the mob. Some are in the witness protection program.

  • Tammy Pescatelli is a talented comedian who deseverses a show

    If I had to watch one comedian day after day, it would be Tammy Pescatelli. I think that she is not only funny, but hot as hell! She is one of the few television people that I have actually contacted for a autographed photograph. Besides her beauty, I think she is a very talented comedian that would fit in perfect in a TV show. I am thinking something on the lines of her being in New York. (I will pause now will you gasp at my genius...LOL) I just hope to see that good-looking, funny lady on the small screen again soon, weather it is on Comedy Central or on a series.moreless