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  • Worst week ever Tamron w Matt

    Couldn't believe Matt chose Tamron to fill in for a WEEK. Her interviews are inane and she insults the other hosts - slyly - whenever she can. I tried giving her a chance this week, but sorry, I can't stand her. The show is getting sillier - I've started watching CBS - much more intelligent. She acts like she 's just the cutest thing around. I heard the president of NBC news is pushing her and dos the same thing on another network - same here - Natalie was shoved out. Willie hasn't got it - not funny - boring - airs dirty laundry on TV (remember when he pointed finger at Dylan ON THE AIR, saying I'll never invite you back. Even Savannah who I used to like is getting sillier - whole show going downhill.moreless
  • Silly annoying Tamron

    She needs help. So needy, falling all over the place, saying inane comments. How did she get on TV. I turn program off when she comes on. She is pretty but pushes herself into every situation. Have to laugh when they look shocked she showed up on set or the day I heard Matt say, Tamron, let Natalie finish. Ha. I was hoping they wouldn't replace her when Natalie leaves for west coast and seems like they aren't. That third hour of Today needs help. Willie is boring, though best days are when Tamron's off, and just Willie (because then he can't turn his back on Natalie), Natalie, Dylan, Al. Really great day was Natalie, Dylyn, Al. Back to comments on Today show: not sure how Savannah was picked - she's nice but is no Katie Couric, Meredith Viera, Jane Pauley etc. So, my favorites are: Matt, Natalie, Carson, Dylan, Hoda. I do watch the 4th hour because it's fun, but wonder why Kathie Lee is sooo judgemental. And always trying to slip her religious beliefs in. Also, puts Hoda down, followed by, oh but I love my Hoda girl. Um, no you don't or you wouldn't put her down. Top favorite is Hoda.moreless