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  • Get rid of her

    I totally agree with everyone's criticism of Tamron Hall. She's immature, unprofessional and self-centered. She makes faces at the other anchors when they say something she doesn't understand or agree with. When they were doing a segment outside and they said something she didn't like, she walked away and said she was going to talk to the fans. Why do they keep her? When is NBC going to wake up? I don't know anyone that likes her. I think they should replace her with Sheinelle Jones who is on the weekend Today show and sometimes fills in during the week. She's very likeable.
  • I want to like her, but this is the wrong setting for her.

    When Tamron Hall first joined the Today show, I thought she was a little stiff and unnatural, but I was willing to give her time to settle in. After all, its probably hard to join and existing cast with a long history. Having said that, she still doesn't seem that comfortable, and the last few weeks she has really started to annoy me. She's quick to criticize her team members, and her comments on their thoughts and her work in the orange room seems more critical and negative than informative. I want to start my mornings with an upbeat mood, Tamron just seems to bring me down. Send her back to Dateline. I think she's better suited for the crime/drama genre then morning coffee talk.
  • Grow up Tamron Hall!!!!!!

    You think you are so cute, but you are completely unprofessional and annoying! You dress to get all the attention - and your taste is atrocious! You try to upstage the others and all it does is make them uncomfortable and me annoyed. I'm going to quit watching.

    You suk and no one likes you. I feel badly for everyone that has to put up with your immature self-serving attitude. You wanna be a gUTHRIE, but no one likes her either.

    Tamron is very annoying.


    GET RID OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Annoying hair cut

    Histrionic Personality Disorder Queen. Get rid of her. Go work in Alabama or Kansas with your greasy legs.
  • She thinks she's the it girl.. but she is not

    I watch the first part of the Today Show .. and have for years.. but when the second part comes on .. With that Tamron Hall .. I turn it off till Hoda comes one... She is not a likeable person and I don't know how the others on with her put up with her wanting always to be the dominate one. She is not a asset to the show .. The Jenna Bush has really developed into a very professional part of the Today show... Why not try her instead of would be better that her.
  • Tamrron Hall is a complete Goof

    Tamrron Hall is no contribution to the today show. Like another viewer mentioned, we can only watch her overacting silliness for so long and then we change channels. I don't know how Natalie puts up with her interrupting her every time she speaks. Get rid of her.
  • Tamarron is a total Selfie

    She is not a team player, overpowering, and talks over the other Today Show members. Very rude!

    On one show she talked about covering an awards show and only talked about not being able to take photos of herself with the others there. In no way is that reporting! Don't let other Today Show members leave due to her actions.
  • Tamaron Back to the Orange Room

    Please take her off the third hour show. She is rude and totally not fit with Willie, Natalie and Al. I have watched her "Clueless in New York". It is grinding to watch her. Like teeth clenching. She is better report in the Orange room. Totally ruins the rest of the group in the segment. Will be watching for the change in January.
  • Tamron needs to GO!

    I am a long time fan of the Today Show, however I often change the channel these days when Tamron starts her stupid babbling! She is so very INAPPROPRIATE! I feel bad for the rest of the cast for having to put up with her! Please, for the sake of the show, loose Tamron Hall!

  • Hostile Lady

    Tameron seems to be very aggressive to her coworkers lately.

    Very unpleasant to watch her attack her cohosts. She must be having issues!
  • Treadmilling...

    I could watch Tamron walk the treadmill beautiful...
  • Tamron Hall is obnoxious

    Cannot watch the Today Show Hall acts so obnoxious and immature. The constant hyper, giddiness like she has overdosed on caffeine or SOMETHING!! I wish she and Al Roker would tone down the LOUD! OBNOXIOUS bantering. It's stupid
  • Can't stand Tamron on Today Show

    She's fine doing her serious news stuff on MSNBC--no problem with that at all. BUT, she just comes across as trying too hard to be cute, perky, funny, whatever you want to call it, on the Today Show. Just shut up Tamron! Stop giggling, stop talking over everyone else, stop acting like everything is about you because . . . IT ISN"T!

  • Over the top

    Tamron Hall is too LOUD too quick to laugh at everything, she reminds me of a high school girl! Trying to get attention Calm down Tamron ! I score her a