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  • Can't stand her.

    Whenever I see her on my television, computer or tablet, I change it as fast as humanly possible. I will be happy when The Today Show kicks her to the curb, I might just watch The Today Show again if that happens. Conceited, annoying, biased and clueless, if she fell off the earth tomorrow I don't think anyone would really notice, not even her. She constantly interjects and criticizes things she has no clue about, like children for instance. Tamron you couldn't possibly relate to a mother who is going through raising an autistic child. " Oh I know exactly how that is, I have a friend with an autistic Sorry idiot, that doesn't qualify you to throw your two cents in and have it be relevant. Also, when you ask your guests a question, STFU and wait for the answer, don't barrel roll all over the person because you think your opinion is much more important. My rating here does not reflect my actual rating, because the rating bar doesn't show a 0 (zero) as an option.
  • chatty by nurseretired Sept. 23, 2016

    I agree with all the reviews that think Tamron Hall talks too much, thinks too much of herself. buts in when others are talking. She is not as funny as she thinks she is. This hour of the Today show was great with Willie and Al. She needs to be removed. Al is so funny and smart. I have watched today for years but I am switching to another program when Tamron's hour is on
  • love,love,love

    Tamron is such an asset to the show....

    She is bubbly and kind and adds a lot of life to the show.... don't burden her with Billy Bush anymore....

    he is so difficult to watch

    too silly... doesn't fit
  • Just couldn't do it!

    So disgustingly vain Tamron Hall of the Today Show was once again all talk and no action today on the show. Alicia Keys was the guest and has given up wearing make-up. She is a BEAUTIFUL woman inside & out. She has no need for make-up! Tamron, Billy & Al were all supposed to take their make-up off in support of Alicia. Billy & Al had no problem following through with the plan. Tamron per usual trying to draw attention to herself, like she does on a daily basis, had Alicia "help" her wipe the ton of make-up off of Tamron's face. Only vain Tamron could not do it! Between Alicia & Tamron, the foundation, powder & lipstick came off, but neither touched her fake eyelashes, eye liner, mascara or eye shadow! Nope she could not do it! Then she had the balls to pat herself on the back and tell us all to own our space & not be afraid to not follow the leader and be ourselves! Tamron is the most vain, camera hogging, egotistical, woman on TV. She is insulting, cruel and refuses to take the guests feelings into consideration! I've never seen a woman like her who loves to hear herself talk, whether she is making sense or what she is saying has anything to do with the topic! As long as the camera is on her, all is good in her world. But due to her, her conversation hogging and her ego, the 3rd hour of the Today Show is the biggest waste of airtime on TV! Wish they would have sent Tamron packing to the West Coast!!,
  • Worst week ever Tamron w Matt

    Couldn't believe Matt chose Tamron to fill in for a WEEK. Her interviews are inane and she insults the other hosts - slyly - whenever she can. I tried giving her a chance this week, but sorry, I can't stand her. The show is getting sillier - I've started watching CBS - much more intelligent. She acts like she 's just the cutest thing around. I heard the president of NBC news is pushing her and dos the same thing on another network - same here - Natalie was shoved out. Willie hasn't got it - not funny - boring - airs dirty laundry on TV (remember when he pointed finger at Dylan ON THE AIR, saying I'll never invite you back. Even Savannah who I used to like is getting sillier - whole show going downhill.
  • Silly annoying Tamron

    She needs help. So needy, falling all over the place, saying inane comments. How did she get on TV. I turn program off when she comes on. She is pretty but pushes herself into every situation. Have to laugh when they look shocked she showed up on set or the day I heard Matt say, Tamron, let Natalie finish. Ha. I was hoping they wouldn't replace her when Natalie leaves for west coast and seems like they aren't. That third hour of Today needs help. Willie is boring, though best days are when Tamron's off, and just Willie (because then he can't turn his back on Natalie), Natalie, Dylan, Al. Really great day was Natalie, Dylyn, Al. Back to comments on Today show: not sure how Savannah was picked - she's nice but is no Katie Couric, Meredith Viera, Jane Pauley etc. So, my favorites are: Matt, Natalie, Carson, Dylan, Hoda. I do watch the 4th hour because it's fun, but wonder why Kathie Lee is sooo judgemental. And always trying to slip her religious beliefs in. Also, puts Hoda down, followed by, oh but I love my Hoda girl. Um, no you don't or you wouldn't put her down. Top favorite is Hoda.
  • horrible

  • Too Much Tamara

    Always "horning in" on others, making sure that camera is on her. and simply "obnoxios". She should stick to News ONLY!
  • Tamron is like a little kid

    She is immature and always brings the attention back to herself during every conversation. She has NOTHING to contribute and it is hard to watch. When she is not one, the show is great. When she is on, I tune out.
  • Backbends on TODAY

    I think I was able to tolerate Ms Hall until a couple of weeks ago when she decided that she really need more attention than she was getting during the 9am hour, so while she was wearing a skin tight lace dress that was halfway up her thigh she does a backbend to show her ability and to prove she had been in gymnastics as a "child". So, Al is doing the weather and she does this backbend, then she got stuck and while Willie and Natalie are looking on Al says "oh for goodness sakes" and stops the weather to help her get "unstuck". I thought to myself "this woman is a serious journalist? I am 60 years old, and have watched the TODAY show since 1967 when I was just 12. Getting ready for school, my mom had TODAY on every single morning and that is what I have done every day of my life and what MY children grew up with. I am sorry, but this "News" program has gone severely downhill ever since Matt Lauer decided that he didn't like Ann Curry and he got rid of her. It didn't matter that Ann was a consummate journalist and that she brought class to the show, it was what Matt Lauer wanted and ever since all of these "positive" changes, the show has sucked. Tamron Hall is one of those persons that was brought aboard that has really brought this show down. The ratings are horrible, the programming is worse, and the staff really believes their own press releases and how special they are. I do not like the way they give their "judgements" on folks during their "trending" and then have the person on the next day and find out just how wrong they were! I am sick of women being subjected to some really stupid reports, and I can't stand the constant "giggling" like these women were High School girls seeking the most Popular title. Tamron Hall is rude and abrasive to her peers and for some reason she really believes that she has that right to say and do whatever she wants. I have seen her on MSNBC, and her time doing the news isn't really much better. And the crime program that she is is better and I have watched it, but could care less about her name brand clothing that she mentions frequently, I don't care about her hair or the fact that she can do backbends in stilettos and a short dress. I can't stand her fakeness or when she "pretends" to be stupid about something and giggles. I see Willie and Al shaking their heads and I have seen Al Roker roll his eyes in disgust with her. Really it time to recapture the professionalism that was TODAY instead of the joke it has become>?
  • Enough of Tameron.

    I have watched The Today Show for a really long time and right now I'm about to give up because of Tameron Hall. In fact, like the last review I've been watching the CBS morning show when Tameron comes on. Why? She was and is a very good reporter but since she has become an anchor it is ALL ABOUT HER! The way she constantly looks at the camera, brings attention to herself, needs compliments, etc. I think the rest of the crew-Matt and Al and Natalie and Al are terrific but Tameron is ruining this program for me.
  • Get Rid of HER!!

    This has got to be the most unprofessional person on TV! Wake Up Today Show and get her OFF. Everytime she comes on I change the channel getting to the point I will watch Good Morning America just so I don't have to listen to her and her silliness.
  • yes to tamron

    tamron hall is great for that show. why is her name and PHOTO not among those on the show's website??? racism?

  • Tamron Hall Ouch!

    Tamron Hall is awful. She is a know it all and she is constantly talking over everyone else. I can hardly watch when she is on. Please send her on her way or I will have to find another program to watch cause I want to throw up when she is on.
  • Tamron Hall has to go!

    How in the world this woman ended up on the Today Show is beyond me. Her comments and attitude are so stupid! She makes most of the segments unwatchable and the statements that come out of her mouth on issues and to Please fire her or I have to switch to GMA.
  • PLEASE remove her from Today Show

    She is so ignorant, and self absorbed, loves watching herself in the monitors, talks over everyone because she is so into herself and thinks everyone should feel the same way. I don't even want to continue to talk about her, but she needs to leave the Today show, and I might tune back in. . she can take Al with her)
  • Tamron Hall Is Awkward

    It is painfully obvious that she doesn't fit on the show. She is awkward and has a dumb look on her face all the time... Her commentary is unwanted, and her opinions on most matters are irrelevant. No one cares what she thinks, and she is ugly and has a boy's haircut... I can't say enough bad things about her but she is just so dumb and ugly and needs to be fired.
  • Get rid of her

    I totally agree with everyone's criticism of Tamron Hall. She's immature, unprofessional and self-centered. She makes faces at the other anchors when they say something she doesn't understand or agree with. When they were doing a segment outside and they said something she didn't like, she walked away and said she was going to talk to the fans. Why do they keep her? When is NBC going to wake up? I don't know anyone that likes her. I think they should replace her with Sheinelle Jones who is on the weekend Today show and sometimes fills in during the week. She's very likeable.
  • I want to like her, but this is the wrong setting for her.

    When Tamron Hall first joined the Today show, I thought she was a little stiff and unnatural, but I was willing to give her time to settle in. After all, its probably hard to join and existing cast with a long history. Having said that, she still doesn't seem that comfortable, and the last few weeks she has really started to annoy me. She's quick to criticize her team members, and her comments on their thoughts and her work in the orange room seems more critical and negative than informative. I want to start my mornings with an upbeat mood, Tamron just seems to bring me down. Send her back to Dateline. I think she's better suited for the crime/drama genre then morning coffee talk.
  • Grow up Tamron Hall!!!!!!

    You think you are so cute, but you are completely unprofessional and annoying! You dress to get all the attention - and your taste is atrocious! You try to upstage the others and all it does is make them uncomfortable and me annoyed. I'm going to quit watching.

    You suk and no one likes you. I feel badly for everyone that has to put up with your immature self-serving attitude. You wanna be a gUTHRIE, but no one likes her either.

    Tamron is very annoying.


    GET RID OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Annoying hair cut

    Histrionic Personality Disorder Queen. Get rid of her. Go work in Alabama or Kansas with your greasy legs.
  • She thinks she's the it girl.. but she is not

    I watch the first part of the Today Show .. and have for years.. but when the second part comes on .. With that Tamron Hall .. I turn it off till Hoda comes one... She is not a likeable person and I don't know how the others on with her put up with her wanting always to be the dominate one. She is not a asset to the show .. The Jenna Bush has really developed into a very professional part of the Today show... Why not try her instead of would be better that her.
  • Tamrron Hall is a complete Goof

    Tamrron Hall is no contribution to the today show. Like another viewer mentioned, we can only watch her overacting silliness for so long and then we change channels. I don't know how Natalie puts up with her interrupting her every time she speaks. Get rid of her.
  • Tamarron is a total Selfie

    She is not a team player, overpowering, and talks over the other Today Show members. Very rude!

    On one show she talked about covering an awards show and only talked about not being able to take photos of herself with the others there. In no way is that reporting! Don't let other Today Show members leave due to her actions.
  • Tamaron Back to the Orange Room

    Please take her off the third hour show. She is rude and totally not fit with Willie, Natalie and Al. I have watched her "Clueless in New York". It is grinding to watch her. Like teeth clenching. She is better report in the Orange room. Totally ruins the rest of the group in the segment. Will be watching for the change in January.
  • Tamron needs to GO!

    I am a long time fan of the Today Show, however I often change the channel these days when Tamron starts her stupid babbling! She is so very INAPPROPRIATE! I feel bad for the rest of the cast for having to put up with her! Please, for the sake of the show, loose Tamron Hall!

  • Hostile Lady

    Tameron seems to be very aggressive to her coworkers lately.

    Very unpleasant to watch her attack her cohosts. She must be having issues!
  • Treadmilling...

    I could watch Tamron walk the treadmill beautiful...
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