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  • Trivia

    • Tamsin has stated that she has felt embarrassed to play overtly sexual and slutty characters in her films Keeping Mum and St. Trinian's, as she is the opposite to them in her personal life.

    • Tamsin is 1.83 metres (6 foot) tall.

    • Tamsin is a model and is signed with ICM models.

    • Tamsin starred as Mary in the Royal Shakepeare Company's musical stage production The Secret Garden.

    • Tamsin was cast as the head 'Posh Tottie' girl Chelsea in the 2007 remake of the British schoolgirl comedy St. Trinian's, which starred Rupert Everett and Colin Firth.

    • Tamsin has brown eyes.

    • Tamsin starred in the children's show Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight In The Land, playing Princess Elenora.

    • In 2007, IndependentCritics.com voted her tenth in the Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces In The World list.

    • Tamsin's first role was in the 2001 TV movie Hans Christian Andersen: My Life As A Fairy Tale, where she played the part of Kate Dickens.

    • Tamsin starred as the title character in the 2008 TV movie Octavia.

    • Tamsin was only 16 years of age when she appeared topless in the 2005 British dark comedy film Keeping Mum.

    • Tamsin was cast in the fantasy adventure film Eragon as Katrina, the girlfriend of Eragon's brother. However her character was cut from the film during editing as the director believed their relationship undermined Eragon's relationship with Ayra. These scenes can be seen on the DVD extras.

  • Quotes

    • Tamsin: One problem though with spending so much time working with adults is that I lost my respect for teachers – and so I did get into trouble for being too lippy to them. I just didn't have the same fear as I might have had and they would get pretty angry about that.

    • Tamsin: (On her character in "St. Trinian's") Basically they are sluts but they like to think that there is a real art to seduction. They're into wearing sexy underwear with fluffy bits. I was too lanky to be a seductress at school. I think that's why I got my nickname Bambi. Anyway, I never fancied any of the boys. The school was too small so everyone just seemed like brothers and sisters.

    • Tamsin: (On school) I played truant all the time. I was modeling so I'd go to shoots and call in sick.

    • Tamsin: (On school) I was a real goody-two-shoes. I wasn't very naughty. I never smuggled in vodka or anything. I used to smuggle in tea bags – we weren't allowed them for some weird reason – then we'd have tea parties in the stairwell or in one of the fields. But we weren't exactly going to get into big trouble for being civilised, were we?

    • Tamsin: I actually finished school at 16 and I don't want to go back. And my agent said I shouldn't. At drama school, they like to take you apart and rebuild you but I don't want to change now.