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    • Tamsyn (on her wedding to boyfriend Graham Manou): I'd like to be able to waltz properly when we get married, and I'd make him have lessons as well. It's a little way away yet, but hopefully in a couple of years.

    • Tamsyn (on telling her boyfriend he's no longer allowed to watch her train for Dancing With The Stars): He's banned from watching me do the rumba. I have to do these sexy walks - I tried to do it towards him and I just laughed! My dance partner, Arsen, kept saying, 'Stop laughing', but once you start you can't stop.

    • Tamsyn (on being made-up for Dancing With The Stars): I'm definitely not used to having my hair and make-up done each week. Now, when I get my make-up done, I look in the mirror and think, 'Who's that?' But I'm really starting to enjoy it. Maybe I'll turn girly by the end of this show, although I think I'd be laughed right off the running track if I went out with the whole smoky-eye look.

    • Tamsyn: What is it with me? Everyone thinks I'm controversial. I like to think I'm nothing like that. Hopefully DWTS is a good chance to show people what I'm really like.

    • Tamsyn (asked if she will answer back to the judges on Dancing With The Stars): No, because in my world, what the coach says goes. If you're dancing, you listen to your dance teacher - and the judges.

    • Tamsyn (on rival Jana Pittman's pregnancy): We don't speak at all. But you know what? Good luck to her. It's like in a work environment - you don't get along with everyone. It doesn't mean you hate them. You just don't spend time with them away from work.