Tamzin Outhwaite

Tamzin Outhwaite


11/5/1970, Ilford, Essex, England, UK

Birth Name

Tamzin Outhwaite



Also Known As

Tasmin Outhwaite
  • Tamzin Outhwaite judges Five's talent co...
  • The presenter and judges of Five's talen...
  • Tamzin Outhwaite judges Five's talent co...
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Tamzin attended the Stagestruck Theatre Company as a young teenager. At 16 she left school to join the London Studio Centre to study drama and dance. She left with that year's trophy for best all-rounder, which had previously been won by Liz Hurley. Tamzin's many stage roles have…more


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    • Tamzin: (on what she would do if she had a sex slave) Massages. Head massages, foot massages, neck and shoulder massages - and bum-kneading. It's not particularly sexual, but it feels great.

    • Tamzin: My first kiss was with a lad called Gerard when I was about 12 at Friday night youth club. I decided that was going to be the night I'd get it out of the way. But there were no tongues.

    • Tamzin: When I look in the mirror I often feel like a 22-year-old desperate to get out of a 36-year-old's body. It still surprises me when I see the reflection of someone in their 30s, not someone in their teens.

    • Tamzin: (on leaving Eastenders) Three-and-a-half years was enough - I never wanted to become part of the furniture.

    • Tamzin: (on musical-theatre actors) If you can sing and dance, it's a way to make a decent living. But often, great musical-theatre actors find it really difficult to make the transition to straight work. They're dismissed as 'West End Wendies'. But some of the people I met back then are among the best actors working.

    • Tamzin: (on her childhood ambitions) My dad was a bit horrified when he'd have the boys round on Cup Final day and I'd stand in front of the telly, when Arsenal were about to score a penalty, wearing my tutu and going, 'Dad, Dad, look what I learnt in ballet!'

    • Tamzin: (on what she said just moments before an major audition) I've just got to have a quick wee.

    • Tamzin: (on revealing that she is pregnant) It took a lot longer to find my ideal man than I thought it was going to. I've wanted a child for a long time. It was a case of waiting for the right time, finding the person I wanted to have that child with. Tom is that person.

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