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  • websites will soon be live!!!

    HGR will have websites up by end of 2009 thanks to Kara Brownlee. They are www.taniamehra.com and www.missindianmodel.com. They will be"loving, fan based sites where people can voice their opinion about the wannabe starlet" Please check out twitter/taniamehra for more updates.

    xoxo, HG

    Trust me, you will surprised to see what all the hype is all about. I am not claiming to be Miss Mehra, do I know her? Yes? Do I manage and own site related to her name and alias? Yes. I have offered her dibs on the dev. of such site, biut she chose to slander me publicly,and inlisted others to do so, even calling out my young child in such poor behavior. So since then, I have decided to act swiftly and build out these sites by end of 2009. Be sure to follow and see what it's all about.

    -HGR Invesmentsmoreless