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Tania Zaetta

Tania Zaetta


11/17/1970, Merbein, Victoria, Australia

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Tania Zaetta


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Jumping off a 17 storey building, swimming with sharks and climbing under flying helicopters was all in a day's work for action girl Tania Zaetta as the co-host on Who Dares Wins in the late nineties. She was such a hit in India they created their own version…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She has featured in more than 25 TV advertisements and on more than 50 magazine covers worldwide.

    • Tania has her own workout DVD's in stores; 'Box with Tania'.

    • Tania's star sign is Scorpio.

    • As of 1st August 2008, Tania has been confirmed to co-star in a planned feature film to be shot entirely in Geelong called The Ninja. The film has been slated to start shooting in early 2009 and wrap up in May.

    • In May 2008, an investigation by the Australian Defence Force into allegations that Tania had sex with Australian soldiers, while entertaining the troops in the Middle East, was exposed. Tania sought legal advice while vehemently denying the story.

    • Tania was voted one of the world's hottest women.

    • Tania was the first female celebrity to have a sports training shoe named after her by Asics (Australasia). "Gel Zaetta" was launched in October 2002.

    • Tania has a tattoo on one of her arms.

    • She was host of Channel 10's prime-time travel show, "The Blue Planet" in Australia and she travelled around the world reporting on the world's most beautiful travel destinations

    • Tania can speak French

    • In 1998 Tania sung "Barbie Girl" with Mike Whitney on national television.

    • At the 39th Annual TV Week Logie Awards held in 1997, Tania Zaetta was nominated for the Logie for "Most Popular New Talent" for her work on Who Dares Wins.

    • A documentary was made of Tania called "Tania Zaetta Exposed" which highlights the international success of Tania's career.

    • Tania's other interests include painting with both oils and watercolours, experimenting in the kitchen and a very broad musical taste - "everything from motown to soul and funk and easy listening."

    • A memorable dare that Tania completed on Who Dares Wins was with the bike plank where she had to ride a push bike across a plank between two buildings 12 storeys high.

    • Tania was the first star to be voted off her season of Dancing with the Stars .

    • She holds a CAMs International Racing Licence, and has raced in the Celebrity Grand Prix and V8 Supercar Challenge.

    • She's a kickboxing champ with 13 years of training.

    • She has been often said to give J'Lo a run for her money about who has the 'best figure' in the business

    • FHM voted Tania's butt as one of the 'Best 5 Butts in the World', alongside Elle Macpherson, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue and Liz Hurley.

    • FHM readers repeatedly vote Tania one of the 'World's Sexiest Women'.

    • She has featured in over 25 TV commercials for personal endorsements

    • Tania Zaetta is a Bollywood star in India.

    • Tania Zaetta is going to be one of the stars in the new series of Australia's 'Dancing with the Stars'

    • Tania Zaetta was a celebrity guest on the highest rated UK daytime show 'Trisha'.

  • Quotes

    • Tania: I love everything about India. It doesn't make me homesick. And the best part is the people around. I just love them.

    • Tania: (on being voted off first on "Dancing with the Stars") People think that I`m a very competitive person and maybe when it comes to my work I am, but when it comes to things like dancing or even a tennis match I'm not.

    • Tania: (on being voted off first on "Dancing with the Stars") No one remembers who goes third, fourth or fifth, but everyone remembers who wins and who gets booted off first!

    • Tania: (on her dares in "Who Dares Wins") It never occurred to me that I would attempt as many dares as I have. I'm conquering my own personal fears every time we film. I think it helps the contestants feel at ease when they see I'm scared too. I'm not a superwoman.

    • Tania: (after allegations she had sex with Australian soldiers in the Middle East) How does a supposed document ... that I don't know about get leaked in the first place - that's a little bit concerning about the security of the country. It's complete made-up lies. I feel I am owed an apology. You [the entertainers] were never alone with any soldiers - you were in full view of everybody else all the time.

    • Tania: I think that not letting things get the better of me was often my inspiration and what really made me give everything my best shot.

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  • A great Aussie chick!

    She was great as the co-host and daredevil on the prime time hit show 'Who Dares Wins and she was great in Dancing with the Stars even though she was voted out first!! She has got so much talent and shes has done a fabulous job in all the roles she plays. I look forward to seeing her in upcoming films and shows.
  • Tania Zaetta is an amazing actress. She best stared in her role as the co-star on the game show "Who Dares Wins". She is also famous in Bollywood, India.

    Tania Zaetta is a wonder Australian Actress. I know her from "Who Dares Wins". She did an amazing job as a co-star on the game show. She is an absolute dare-devil.

    She also had various roles in the hit TV series "Pizza". She was also on the new series of "Dancing With The Stars". Sadly, she got out first.

    She is also popular in India. There, she acts in the Indian movies that the company "Bollywood" creates. I haven't seen any of the movies, but i'm sure that they were all great.

    I would love her to get more roles as an Actress on any TV show. I know that she would do an amazing job.