Tanoai Reed

Tanoai Reed


2/10/1974, Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Birth Name

Tanoai Reed



Also Known As

American Gladiator 'Toa', Toa
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    • Tanoai Reed: (talking about his character on American Gladiators) I turn my intimidation on. My character, before the game, I'll call down my ancestors and I'll do this dance called the Haka, a traditional Maori dance. Bringing down your ancestral beings into your heart to put yourself in balance. It's a pretty intimidating dance and at the end you stare your opponent in the eyes and that'll set the scene. The eyes look at me and just turn to puppy dog eyes.

    • Tanoai Reed: I've been an athlete all my life, genetically gifted. My mom was Norwegian, my dad's Samoan so I already had good size. Now the hard thing is just to keep lean. Polynesians have a tendency to be overweight if we eat too many cheeseburgers, so I try to stay away from all that and eat right and do a lot of cardio.

    • Tanoai Reed: (talking about his character name on "American Gladiators") Toa is the Polynesian word for Warrior and I came up with that myself. It's kind of in me already, so it's an extension of myself.

    • Tanoai: I am a proud and loving father and husband, to me, family always comes first. I am proud of my roots and my heritage and am excited to represent all Polynesians in my new role as "Toa" on the American Gladiators.