Tanya Memme

Tanya Memme


6/8/1971, Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Tanya Lynn Memme



Also Known As

Tanya Lynn Memme, Tanya L. Memme
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  • The beautiful, and, extremely hot, Tanya Memme, is probably the biggest selling point for \" Sell This House.\"

    She is extremely hot, with an exotic look, and a body that could make even the humblest of homes look like a palace. When I came across \" Sell This House\",while flipping through the channels one Sunday, I was attracted to the woman who appeared on my television screen.

    The show has merit, I have gotten so many ideas for my own home by watching, and always find myself looking to see when the show will be on.

    When you find a show on TV these days, that can teach you something, while entertaining at the same time, it is rare,but, entirely gratifying.

    I am glad to see that a spin-off of \" Sell This House\" has come about, and ecstatic, that I will get to see more of Tanya.I think I am in love...of course my wife might have something to say about that...but, it will be Tanya and my little secret. :)moreless
  • I think she is great. I would like to know more about her

    I think she is wonderful.she is one of the best host that i had seen in a long time. I hope she don't go any where. she know how to have fun with her show, where it don't get boring. I hope one day she get her own t.v. show like a weekly sitcom