Tara Moss

Tara Moss


10/2/1973, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Tara Moss


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Canadian-Australian author, model and TV presenter.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Tara is the first person to receive a star on the Australian Walk of Fame for services to literature. She was inducted in 2008.

    • Tara, although being born in Canada, is a long time resident of Australia. As such, she holds both Canadian and Australian citizenship.

    • Tara began dating comedian Joel Ozborn in March 2007. As of December 2008, the couple are still together.

    • Tara once served as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

    • Tara has two pet pythons.

    • Tara owns and rides a 900cc Triumph Scrambler motorcycle.

    • Tara was nominated for the 2008 Telstra Business Women's Awards. The awards are held annually, celebrating the achievements of Australian women.

    • Tara married Australian actor Mark Pennell on March 20, 2004, divorcing him two years later in 2006.

    • Tara is an ambassador for both the YWCA, and the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

    • Tara enjoys cycling, rollerblading and aerobics.

    • In 1999 Tara was short listed for the Best First Novel award at the Ned Kelley Awards, for her novel Fetish.

    • In 1998 Tara won the Scarlet Stiletto Young Writers Award for her crime story, Psycho Magnet. In 1999 she came second at the awards for the short story, Know Your ABC's.

    • Tara's height is approx. 6 feet 1. She has green eyes.

    • In 2005 Tara performed in the stage production of The Vagina Monologues at the Sydney Opera House.

    • In order to make the details in her crime novels as accurate as possible, Tara has ridden in police squad cars, visit prisons and morgues. She has also gone to Quantico and completed a tour of the FBI Academy.

    • In 1997 Tara received a Diploma from the Australian College of Journalism.

    • As at the end of 2008, Tara has written 5 popular crime novels:
      - Fetish;
      - Split;
      - Covet;
      - Hit; and
      - Siren.

      Her books have been released in fifteen countries and in ten different languages.

    • In March 2008 Tara achieved a Certificate III after graduating from the Australian Security Academy. Her plan is to now apply to the NSW Police for a licence to spy, all in order to ensure accuracy to the plots of her crime novels.

  • Quotes

    • Tara: Sydney is criminal to the core, but I don't think it's any darker than anywhere else. What I love about Sydney is it really is Sin City - people come here to have fun. Sometimes it turns nasty but that's the convict city for you. We don't always bow to the law, we question rules and we often rail against them. In Los Angeles everyone blindly embraces success and authority. Not in Sydney.

    • Tara: (after getting her PI license) Wherever I go, I have to sit like Dirty Harry would - back to the wall and a view of the cash register and all the entrances and exits. It's impossible for me to relax and eat if I have my back to the world. My girlfriends think I'm a freak.

    • Tara: (when asked if she could pull off the perfect murder) Unless you're born a psychopath - and scientists believe there's a genetic predisposition to psychopathy - the question with murder is always how far can you go before you're ethically and morally hollowed out? So while my methods would be immaculate, my conscience would be my worst enemy. Underneath all my outpouring of deviancy, I'm actually a nice person.

    • Tara: (revealing what she learnt while getting her PI license) You know the first couple of times I 'dogged' someone it was a really creepy, surreal experience. It's a very weird thing to follow someone while they're unawares. Did you know that when someone is guilty they turn left more often?

    • Tara: Life is too short to live the same day twice.

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