Tara Platt





Fairfax, VA, USA

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Pretty and petite, Tara Platt has been compared to Katie Holmes in appearance and Scarlett Johansson in performance. Her honest approach to work has earned her rave reviews. As a young ingénue on the brink of growing into a powerful leading lady, she has the brains to back up her work – a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre from Rutgers University and a love of physics, as well as being a certified Feng Shui Practicioner through the Shambhalla Feng Shui Institute.

Daughter of a doctor and a writer, she was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but proceeded to move throughout the United States during her childhood, residing in Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan and New Jersey, before backpacking alone extensively through Europe. Platt finally rested in New York where she pursued her love of theatre Off-Broadway. Platt first gained television recognition on One Life to Live, then on The Gilmore Girls, where she played a groupie to Michael York's Asher Flemming.

Her first notable film role came as Chrissy ‘DJ C-Lo' in Model Chaser (2002), where she helped her co-star discover love, just by being true to himself. Platt then worked in a duo of necessary teen slasher movies: Scarecrow Gone Wild: Scarecrow III (2004) and Back Slash (2004), before branching out into the more powerful indie film track she now enjoys.