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  • She was an excellent TV host on Fridays, and Cartoon Network made a huge mistake letting her go.

    I thought she was a great host for Cartoon Network Fridays and made the block more watchable. I think she's one of the most talented, unique, charismatic and attractive actresses and/or TV personalities out there. Sadly, Cartoon Network made the ignorant mistake of cancelling Fridays (and replacing it with the atrocious Fried Dynamite) and dropping her in the process. I feel she would make a great host for a show on G4 or doing a PlayMania-esque game show on GSN. I think she is a very talented and underrated person, and I'd like to see more of her on TV or movies. I love Tara Sands!
  • Voices Anna on Shaman King (Edited) and Shaman King (Uncut).

    She voices Ana Kyoyama, Yoh's fiancee in Shaman King. Her character, Anna, made it into the Women of Shonen Jump list. Other female characters included Sakura and Ino, from Naruto, Nami, from One Piece, and a few others i cannot remember at the moment. Believe me. Her character deserved to be on that list and i am glad she is.
  • Amazing voice!

    She is a great voice actor. She has many male roles on anime. She plays Kaiba's little brother Mokuba on Yu-Gi-Oh. She also has many male roles on Pokemon. She is just awesome at playing males. I'm glad that 4Kids casts her for many male roles on anime. Since she is a female voice actor doesn't mean she doesn't have any female roles on anime. She plays Anna on Shaman King which is the only female role I know she has. I don't think any of 4Kids' other VA's can play the part like Tara can. In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX which is coming in September, I hope Tara will play the character Asuka who is a girl, not a boy.
  • Tara have this nice voice for Mokuba and Anna she act like Anna

    Tara is good voice actor she did a wonderful job as Mokuba I thought Mokuba voice is really cute and for Anna she did a very well job also since Anna is mean in the show she did put little mean to her voice when she have to she rocks