Tara Slone

Tara Slone


9/7/1973, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birth Name

Tara Slone



Also Known As

Tara Slone
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  • The wonderful Tara Slone. Stunning singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. Trust me you will never be dissapointed in this artist, as we await her solo album.

    The beautiful and stunning Tara Slone… I myself was introduced to this wonderful singer, songwriter, musician, and actress, when I heard the song “Beautiful” by the band Joydrop, which she was in at one time. I was hooked. I bought both of cd’s “Metasexual” and the follow up “Viberate” and never in my life have been more pleased with such a purchase. Dealing with the long wait to hear more of Tara Slone, until 2005’s Rockstar INXS came on. Tara preformed superbly to win the place of INXS’s lead singer. Unfortunately voted off on week 5 of the show, we await Tara Slone’s solo album… I would definitely recommend this beautiful Canadian artist with such talent, to anyone of any age. I started listening to her at age 11 and I am 18 now, just as much impressed as the first time I heard her. I as well as many of my friends look forward to seeing the wonderful explosion of Tara Slone’s solo album to the media soon…moreless