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When slightly-built Zimbabwe-born one-time receptionist Tarisai entered the Idol audition room, the judges had no idea what was about to hit them. The softly spoken 20-year-old blew them away with her amazing rendition of Whitney Houstons "I Have Nothing". "Theres a lot of people loving what you just…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Following Tarisai's performance of It's Not Unusual on the "Brit Pop" episode of Australian Idol, judge Mark Holden awarded her a 'touchdown'.

    • On the night Tarisai was eliminated from Australian Idol, as Andrew G announced who of the bottom three would be voted off, Tarisai rolled her eyes during his talk.

    • While Tarisai was competing in Australian Idol, her uncle was in intensive care for a fortnight due to a tumour on his voice box.

    • Some of Tarisai's favourites:
      Favourite food: Sadza, a traditional Zimbawean dish.
      Favorite colour: Purple.
      Favorite song: Lose my Breath.
      Favorite film: Dreamgirls.
      Favorite TV program: That's So Raven!.
      Favorite album: Destiny Fulfilled by Destiny's Child.
      Tarisai's favourite TV program is That's So Raven!.

    • Tarisai lists Whitney Houston and Tina Turner as her inspirations.

    • On October 28th, Tarisai argued with Australian Idol judges after they claimed she was fake and her performance on stage was a false representation of herself.

    • After being eliminated from Australian Idol, Tarisai said that God would judge the judges if they continued to believe that she was "fake".

    • Tarisai's first occupation was as a receptionist.

    • Tarisai enjoys R&B music more than any other genre.

    • Tarisai was the first female who was voted through to the top 12 on Australian Idol in 2007.

    • Tarisai astounded judges with a rendition of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing during Australian Idol renditions.

    • Following her performance of Somebody To Love on the "Brit Pop" episode of Australian Idol, judge Mark Holden awarded Tarisai a 'touchdown'.

  • Quotes

    • Tarisai: (when asked what she had learnt from "Australian Idol") Um just a lot of people like um, just learning a lot from everyone, like different things coming from different directions to be honest.

    • Tarisai: (on the best bit of advice anyone has given her) The best bit of advice I've been given: 'Always believe in yourself and in God. All plans have the last say with God but FAITH is the root to success.'

    • Tarisai: (on her favorite judge on "Australian Idol") Ummm. I love all of the judges. Honestly. But Mark Holden and Marcia Hines are so cute. They encouraged me to show my personality, which helped me to get through the auditions. Kyle and Dicko taught me to stand my ground and let it out more. They are the kinda judges that toughen you up, because of the way they are tough. They rock too.

    • Tarisai: (on the best thing about being on "Australian Idol") The best about being on Australian Idol is that I DON'T GET TO GO TO UNI. Hahaha. I'm just joking. I love being on Australian Idol because I learn a lot from other contestants and I get the opportunity to share my passion with my audience and fans. So beautiful.

    • Tarisai: I would love to perform with Miss lovely Tina Turner. Tina Turner inspires me because she performs with elegance and has passion and soul in every song that she performs. SHE ROCKS!

    • Tarisai: (asked what she would call her debut album) Wow. I think I would call it "The Hidden Secrets of Tarisai.

    • Tarisai: (on her feelings at her first audition) Ummm damn, I was just feeling nervous most of the time, and basically I spent most of my day praying to God to lead me through. I was really nervous.

    • Tarisai: I love R'n'B (Soul) music. All feelings coming from that style, including the beats, make my mind go wild. The feelings and the passion in that style makes a difference in my life every time I listen to or sing R'n'B. They provide certain meanings which usually relate to me.

    • Tarisai: (revealing she had fought with Natalie Gauchi during "Australian Idol") She can be nice but she can be horrible. I have had to let loose on her a couple of times. I told her off so much, I screamed at her because she was so rude. I said, 'Talk to the hand'.

    • Tarisai: (on "Australian Idol" housemate Daniel Mifsud) "He wanted to play this father figure role and got involved (in her argument with Carl Riseley) when it was none of his business. Maybe he doesn't like girls telling him what they think, but he had no right to say the things he did about me.

    • Tarisai: (on "Australian Idol" judge, Marcia Hines) She comforted me and said, 'I don't think you are faking it, but I kept quiet because I didn't want to enter the argument. I believed her when she said that, then I heard she went on radio yesterday (Monday) and said to Dicko, 'I agree with you that she's fake.' So who's being fake now?

    • Tarisai: (asked if she was angry at the judges or public calling her fake) I'm not angry at Kyle [Sandilands] at all. He stood by me on radio when some woman slashed me and called me a bitch. I was like well she's a rat. I was like 'how dare you call me a bitch'. I was like 'If I'm such a bitch, why did you call me talk to me'. You don't call other people bitches, so I called her a rat.

    • Tarisai: (to Mark Idol during "Australian Idol") Let me tell you something, I'm just gunna start to think that you're going nuts and I don't know if you're still the normal judge we use to have because sometimes it's absolutely crap. I get confused with your comments and I just say "thank you" and keep quiet ... but I'm sick of that crap, I'm sick of it. I don't give a ****!

    • Tarisai: Australian Idol is very important to our local music industry because it provides artists an opportunity to show themselves and their talent to the world and the contestants every year teach other musicians a lot. The contestants also learn to be individuals in the show by performing to the public.

    • Tarisai: I was eight years when I became serious about being a singer. Watching Whitney Houston on television letting that voice out made me cry to God about how I wanted to become a precious woman and start singing professionally, leading to a long career.

    • Tarisai: (on the man in her life) He's white, Puerto Rican, has long black hair, plays the guitar and lives in Melbourne. We met at a party after a gig and we've stayed in contact. But for now, I'm busy with Idol.

    • Tarisai: (on the man in her life) I'm still kind of figuring it out. All that matters is that he knows. I'm not putting him on the backburner - I just don't want people bugging him about it. We're definitely aware of each other… leave him alone.

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