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    • Taryn: It would be cool to be a bigger name, get more offers, and make more money. But sometimes I can't even deal with the little bit of recognition that I do get. I don't like being stared at. I don't know why people are looking at me, and I wonder if they're tearing me apart. I'm just not your classic girl next door, no matter how I spin it.

    • Taryn: (on getting her tattoos removed) Now, when I put on an elegant gown, I just don't want to look at them. They bug me.

    • Taryn: (on which career she prefers better, acting or music) It's so crazy because when my music career's kind of at a lull, my acting career's good. I love them both. I got to say that the music is so much harder. It's been really hard to get my music career totally off the ground. As far as passion goes, I'm really passionate about the music because I haven't gotten it to the level that I want it.

    • Taryn: (on who she thinks the sexiest woman in rock is) I think Christina Aguilera is a fox. She puts her sexuality out there a lot, so people are constantly looking at it. But I think she has a gorgeous face, and a gift with her voice. I think Beyoncé's hot. I think Gwen [Stefani] is a fox.

    • Taryn: (On how it was working on the film Hustle & Flow) It was an incredible experience acting-wise. I'd never gotten to really sink my teeth into a role like that. The problem was that I did it so well, everyone was like, "God, she must be a hooker!"

    • Taryn: (On what men say about her character from Hustle & Flow) I've had guys come up to me, and be like "Oh, my God! You were that whore!"

    • Taryn: (about when she'd sample ice cream at her job at 31 Flavors) I would never have full cups -- just little spoons of it. My favorite was mint chocolate chip.