Tasha Smith





2/28/1971 , Camden, NJ

Birth Name




Tasha was raised in Camden, New Jersey. She has an identical twin named Sidra and a younger sister, Che. Her film debut was in a 1994 film, Twin Sitter with Sidra. Tasha has performed a variety of jobs, including exotic dancing and stand up comedy, before concentrating on acting full time.

Tasha starred in the NBC series Boston Common as the no-nonsense, sharp-tongued college Tasha King in 1996. She has also appeared in The Tom Show and The Corner in which she played a drug addict. That role was not unknown to Tasha because she is a recovered substance abuser. She now is a motivational speaker who inspires and encourages other addicts to seek help and youths to not experiment with drugs.

Tasha founded an acting school called the Tasha Smith Actors Workshop. She has done more film roles including ATL in which she played a mother of identical twins and Daddy's Little Girls in which she played a vindictive mother seeking full custody of her daughters. She plans to portray Donna Summers in a biopic.