Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany


9/22/1985, Regina, Saskatchewan

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Tatiana Maslany


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When Tatiana isn't acting she is reading, writing, making her own movies, biking and playing football. Incredible Story Studio opened her eyes to the many different career choices available in the film industry. Tatiana's words to live by are "Have fun, be yourself, enjoy life and stay positive."


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  • Tatiana Maslany is Clone-tastic!

    I binge watched Season 1 of Orphan Black over a weekend in March and absolutely fell in love with this show. Tatiana Maslany is simply one of the most talented actresses on TV today. Her acting is simply brilliant. She brings life to each character she plays, each has unique qualities and the viewer sees them as different people. After awhile-you forget it's just one actress playing all these parts! I really hope she wins an Emmy for her work on Orphan Black!moreless
  • Splendid actress. Best of 2013.

    Her work on Orphan Black is pure genius.

    To convincingly portray a con woman, a cop, a soccer mom, a scientist, an assassin, a German and an evil CEO all in one show is amazing. And it's like she does it with so much ease.

    Each character is completely different from the next, distinguishable by their own mannerisms, accent/speech pattern, look/dress style, even gait and posture. Someone with poor eyesight would think each character was played by a different actress.

    Of course credit is due to the show creators and writers for giving her the right material to work with to showcase her talent. She takes the characters in their story and brings them to life. Truly the best surprise of 2013.moreless