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  • beauty poise talent

    Like every princess knows, how every miss america tatyana ali
  • She is cute

    I like Tatyana Ali. As Ashley she is cute. When Ashley was a little girl, i thought she was cute. When Tatyana grew up, she was phenomenal. She was one of the sexiest kids i've ever seen before. I couldn't believe how hot she looked. On that one episode when she was going to have sex for the first time i loved her. That dress and amsmble was so sexy i couldn't believe it. She is a great actor in my book and she should have like her own type of show. All in all i love her and she is one of the best.
  • Tatyana was a cute little girl on the Fresh Prince and now is a hot young woman in tinsel town.

    Tatyana is a hot young woman who has the talent to sing like no ones heard before, act amazingly (And quote good when it comes to either drama or comedy) and Ive seen her dance. WOW!! Tatyana shed her fame on the fresh prince as Ashley and through the seasons she matured and she looked great.

    I'm lookign foward to seeing her act, sing and dance some more whether it on the small or big screen. Tatyana has it all and its just a matter of time before she comes back on the scene to amaze us all once again.