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    • Tawny: (favorite superhero as a child) I'm a huge comic-book fan but I've got to say the Wonder Twins are my favorite, because they had each other, and they became really cool things, like animals and water.

    • Tawny: I come from a long line of artists, actually. Actors, writers, many painters… I definitely understand the artist's struggle with their art and themselves. My brother is a comic-book artist, and I remember spending many days as a teenager hanging out in his bedroom thumbing through his stack of comics. His love of the genre got me to love it also.

    • Tawny: My dear friend and teacher, Barbara Marchant is a hero for me. She's been on my side even when I didn't have a side to be on without ever asking anything in return and she has a grace that makes me hope to be just like her one day when I grow up.

    • Tawny: (about the World Trade Center terrorist attacks) I was there that day, standing on my roof getting vertigo. I still see it fresh in my mind twenty blocks away. It's a wound that hasn't healed

    • Tawny: When I first read the script [of Heroes], the first thing I thought was how cool it was. How well written and fun it was.

    • Tawny: My brother, Toby, is a hero of mine. He's got a resilience that might make you think he was made of Teflon.

    • Tawny: The definition of a hero for me is someone who you admire, who selflessly helps you in some way and who possesses qualities that you hope to acquire one day if you try hard enough.

    • Tawny: I'd rather take a small part in a really good film than a lead role in a movie with Paris Hilton.

    • Tawny: (about Heroes) I'm very proud of the show.

    • Tawny: (about Heroes) They didn't want to put all of their eggs in one basket and show-off all their goods at once, so they introduce characters as they come.

    • Tawny: (about Heroes and the characters in it) The reason why I went in for the part of Niki in the first place was because I read the pilot script and it was so fun. I mean, they're written the way you see them on the screen.