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  • A Great Man.

    Great actor. But hate "Sam" on "Private Practice".
  • Taye Digg's has another DayBreak :)

    Not sure if you've heard but Taye Digg's show DayBreak will be airing on that channel tvone? this is the show sought of like Lost when he tries to figure what is going on with his life and he's like saving the day or something.

    I'm really excited I started getting into the show and they pulled it. so i'm relaxing this weekend and catching it again. It had a pretty good cast. couple folks from X files.

    and did i mention how handsome Taye is lol. so maybe im into the show because he is really nice to look at.
  • Taye Diggs!! What a hottie!

    Ok so everything Taye is in is magical. All of his movies expecially the ones with Sanaa Lathan are amazing! Take brown sugar, the wood, and how stella got her groove back, Taye was amazing!! His matches his characters with perfection! And the boy can sing! like i told yall in tracie's review...go get the soundtrack to the movie RENT!!
  • empty

    ok, IS there a cuter couple than Taye and Idina? They are so cute together! I first saw him in RENT and nearly peed my pants with excitement when i saw him in the propel commercial
  • A very talented and appealing actor on both stage and screen.

    I first noticed Taye Diggs' work in the movies. He co-starred with Angela Bassett and Whoopi Goldberg in 1998's How Stella Got Her Groove Back, where he played the quite attractive and much younger lover, 'Winston', to Bassett's 'Stella' character; and co-starred in both the Broadway theatrical production and movie versions of the musical Rent, in the role of 'Benny', where he sings and acts. He was very effective in The Best Man, co-starring with Nia Long, Terrence Howard, and Morris Chestnut; and in The Wood, with Omar Epps and Malinda Williams (of 'Soul Food' fame); as well as House on Haunted Hill, co-starring with Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen and Ali Larter ('Heroes'). All of these were in 1999. It was a very good year…

    Diggs starred in two of his own television series: Kevin Hill (which I never had the opportunity to see more than twice), a dramedy that ran for one season on UPN during the 2004–2005 season; and Day Break, in the 2006-2007 season on ABC.

    He had recurring roles on the comedic television series Ally McBeal, in which he played Jackson Duper (a lawyer) during the fourth season of the series. Ally McBeal was a David E. Kelly production, whom I am convinced aspires to do musical theatre, so there was singing and maybe some dancing in this role as well. He also appeared on Will & Grace, as one of Will's superficial (but darned good looking), love interests. Diggs has appeared in numerous other television series, in both dramatic and comedic roles.

    It is rumored at this writing (Feb. 2007) that Diggs will guest star in the wildly popular series, 'Grey's Anatomy, and that there may be a spin-off, in which he'd also appear. Sight unseen in the role, fans of the show which is currently home to characters nicknamed 'McDreamy' and 'McSteamy', are considering the moniker, 'McChocolate' for Diggs. …Yummy, chocolately goodness, indeed! I'm certainly on board for that.

    I look forward to seeing what the future brings us from this actor.
  • A really talented actor with an amazing singing voice.

    I think Taye Diggs is an excellent actor. I have loved him ever since I saw the movie Rent. He has a really amazing singing voice and he is also a great actor. I am looking forward to seeing him on his new show Day Break (Which, by the way I am only watching because he is in it, the show doesn\'t really look that good).
  • Multitalented.

    Taye Diggs is a multitalented man. He can act and sing, proven when he appeared in the movie version of "Rent", in which he was in the original Broadway cast of. Taye has also proved that he's more than a handsome man, by having the acting "chops" to provw it.
  • Taye is all that and a Gat fareal. Keep it real papi.

    I think that taye is soo sexi. He has a great vioce and he is a great actor. sometimes i wish they would give him bigger parts, and i wish his show "Kevin Hill" was still on. I also think that it's cute that he married his longtime sweetheart. It was probubly nice to be able to work with his wife on the moie RENT (which is my favorite movie of all time) anyway he is truly a fenominal actor and an extreemly talented singer. who know's maybe someday we'll see him singing in another movie. I love you Taye Diggs.