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  • Someone out there give Taylor Cole a starring role!!

    I first saw Taylor Cole on Supernatural, Eps 19 (S01). I was so breathtaken by her acting, as well as her charm, that I had to find out more about this actress. I was disappointed to find out she's still doing bit parts of famous shows and not doing a recurring role. I was also very disappointed that the Sarah Blake character wasn't added to the main cast of Supernatural. It was the perfect opportunity to add her strong willed character to this show and become a love interest of Sam, as well as adding a fresh face to the series, not to mention adding a female heroine to the cast. Hopefully, she will get more attention by casting directors out there.
  • Taylor cole an amazing actress and model...

    First to say How awesome it is that she was on the olympic volleyball team. Her acting career started as a result of her visiting her step father, where she landed a role on Summerland (my fave actor from the show). She has appeared in a lot of Episodes from popular television shows. However I really started liking her in Supernatural (Provenance) where she played the love interest of Sam (hottie), Heroes and of course the reason I am writing this, she is now a main actor in the amazingly awesome tv show THE EVENT, where she plays Vikky Roberts (plus a number of other aliases), the bad chick...

    Seriously watch the Event it is awesome, and she is awesome on it. Love the parts with her. Favourite actor of the show, Hope to see her more in the show and in a lot more movies... Needs a leading role (I will watch it, even if its bad)... Love her
  • Taylor Cole. Taylor Cole. What can anyone possibly say about her? She was a great member of the cast on the show Summerland, and it doesn't hurt that she happens to be a beautiful actress.

    I really love Taylor Cole. She is probably my favorite actress, and her character on Summerland was probably the most underrated on the show. Her appearance on Supernatural was deserved, and she added flavor to the show. I think that she has the talent to become a major actress, and she already has been on a lot of WB shows, from Supernatural to Summerland. Hopefully, she will continue to be on several shows, because as her ability as an actress grows I think she will start to steal the show, as many veteran actors do. I hope to see her on a good show soon, that doesn't get cancelled. Props!