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    • Taylor: (On romance) When I was 17 and living in Santa Barbara, I took off from school early on Valentine's Day, climbed up a mountain to this off-limits property called Tea Garden, and set up a picnic. Then I took my date on a hike to the top. We could see the entire ocean.

    • Taylor: (What he's doing in his trailer, when he isn't filming Hidden Palms) I like to sleep, so if I have maybe 30 minutes between setups, I try to catch a few zzzz's for sure. Those 4:30 a.m. wake-up calls are hard.

    • Taylor: (On being the youngest in his family) My older brothers are twins, so they have that connection. But I'm the cool little brother they're all stoked on. They taught me to surf, skate, and listen to the right music. They really helped me grow into the person I am today.

    • Taylor: (On taking risks) I went skydiving, which is pretty ballsy if I say so myself! You're hanging out of a plane, and all of a sudden the ground shoots up at you. You're just screaming the whole way down. A couple of weeks after I did it, I dreamt that my parachute didn't go off. It was pretty creepy. I was like, No more skydiving for me!

    • Taylor: (On Palm Springs, where Hidden Palms is filmed) It's hot as hell, but I love it! There's a magical thing happening there. It's really green, and the mountains are literally on top of you. It's like this mystical little land. I go every year for the music festival, Coachella. Last year was the best- I saw Daft Punk and Depeche Mode! The festival's vibe is just killer- it's so artsy, free, and creative.

    • Taylor (On dating): You know what, I'm not dating anyone, so send them my way. I'm having the worst problem right now. You know, being the good guy sucks sometimes.

    • Taylor: (On his music preferences) There are some stupid rumors on the internet - like I listen to Hanson and Britney Spears. I've been into punk rock since my brothers gave me my first Black Flag tape. But, I'll listen to everything from Tom Petty to Slayer, from Depeche Mode to Strung Out.

    • Taylor: (On comparing Hidden Palms to The O.C.) We hit on some of the same stuff, but you'll see that the look and feel of it's very different.

    • Taylor: (The most compelling thing about the show and his role) You know, Johnny Miller's character, he's like the anti-hero hero. He's not like the everyday wide-smile kind of guy. He's got a lot of baggage that comes along with him, so I really liked that because it....helps me to have those levels in the character that I play. It makes it more interesting for me and so that's what drew me to the character.

    • Taylor: (about him being anything like his character Johnny) You got to take from personal experience in order to make the character real, so there are some parts of Johnny that relate to me. The whole awkward girl thing during high school, and parties and, you know, kind of feeling like an outcast…I'm sure everybody's got that feeling, feeling like an outcast at one point, so that's how it kind of relates to me.

    • Taylor: Well, for me it's all about the good work, you know? The characters I've taken on…I just had a personal connection with them, because when I'm acting I like to take things out of my personal life and things out of other people's lives that I find interesting and put then into my character, as well as adding my imagination. I think those three things kind of make the character. So, all the characters I play have just been really fun.

    • Taylor: (How he got the role of Johnny in Hidden Palms) It was pretty much just the regular audition process. When I read the script, the pilot, it was one of the best pilots I'd read in the last couple pilot seasons and I really, really wanted the job and so I went in there to audition for it. Initially they didn't want me for the role. But I guess they couldn't find anybody that could do it so they called me back in and I had a meeting with Kevin Williamson and Scott Winant and after that there's a series of auditions. You go to the producers, then you go audition for the studio, and then you audition for the network. So, after the network audition I heard that I landed it and, you know, that was it.