Taylor Hanson

Taylor Hanson


3/14/1983, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Birth Name

Jordan Taylor Hanson



Also Known As

Tay Hanson-------- Hanson
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Lived in Trinadad, Ecquador, and Venisula before moving with his family in Tulsa OK. Albums include Boomerang (independant release, 1995), MMMBop (indepentant release, 1996) Middle of Nowhere (mercury records,March 1997), Snowed In (mercury records, Nov 18 1997) I Will Come to You single with perviously unreleased "Cried" (mercury…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Taylor and Nathalie had their fourth child, a son named Viggo Moriah on 9th December 2008.

    • Taylor plays several musical instruments: piano, keyboard, percussion (including bongos and the tambourine), guitar(both acoustic and electric) and drums.

    • Taylor is left-handed, like his brother Zac.

    • Their third child, son River Samuel Hanson, was born on September 4th, 2006.

    • Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m) --------------------
      Spouse: Natalie Anne Bryant (8 June 2002 - present) 4 children------------------- Brother of Isaac Hanson and Zac Hanson who form together with Taylor the band Hanson.--------------

      On October 31st, 2002, wife Natalie gave birth to their son, Jordan Ezra.-------------

      Son of Walker Hanson.------------------

      Is the co-founder/co-CEO of 3CG Records.-----------

      Album "Underneath" debuted at # 1 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart. The album sold over 37K in its first week making it one of the most successful selling self-released albums of all time.-----------------

      Daughter, Penelope Anne, born April 19, 2005.-------------

      Where are they now: (May 2003) After nearly 3 years of fighting with their record label, Hanson has broke away from them and plan on releasing "Underneath" in September 2003.--------------

      (October 2003) Announced the start of own record label, 3CG Records, along with brothers Isaac and Zac. The brothers, known as Hanson, will release their 3rd studio album, Underneath, on 3CG in spring 2004.--------------

      (June 2004) The brothers will embark on a world tour next month, July 2004.------------------

    • Second child Penelope was born on April 19th 2005.

    • They have a daughter named Penelope Anne Hanson who was born on the 19th of april.

  • Quotes

    • Taylor: (given the opportunity, how he would change New York) I'd plant more trees. Having lived in New York, I love the city, but there's just not enough oxygen being made. Sometimes you look around and it just feels like you're suffocating.

    • Taylor: We really don't know what normal is.

    • Taylor: We want to inspire others to look for simple, tangible ways to make a difference. It is easy to be halted by the great hurdles of poverty and AIDS, but making an impact can begin as simply as giving someone a pair of shoes or buying a song.

    • Taylor: When you get married, it's your own little support system.

    • Taylor: The first music you really fall in love with is more than just music. It's something that clicks in you beyond the song, it's a message or image that causes you to jump in and not let go. For us it was Elvis, The Beach Boys, Stax/Volt records ...

    • Taylor: Everything changes.