Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks


10/7/1976, Birmingham, AL

Birth Name

Taylor Reuben Hicks


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Taylor Reuben Hicks is one of the many American Idol finalist for season five. His style is a bit Ray Charles-like but it gives him an edge... something unique. He is the winner of American Idol Season five. Since he won, he has released two studio albums: "Taylor…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • What happened?

    I think Taylor Hicks fell off the face of the earth. I believe that he is the biggest American Idol winner bust in history. Rueben had at least one hit song and some okay ones. Carrie is doing well. Kelly Clarkson is doing well. Even those who didn't win like Daughtry and Kellie Pickler have became big hits. I don't know how Taylor Hicks won, but I think it was a waste because of the fact that I haven't heard his name since he became the winner. Overall, I must say that he needs to do something before everyone completely forgets about him. Thank you.moreless
  • I don't like him. He shouldn't have made the top 24.

    Taylor Hick is the winner of American Idol Season 5. I don't like him. He shouldn't have even made it to Hollywood. He is probably my least favorite American Idol winner. Paris should have won Season 5, not him. When Paris and Chris were gone, I was hoping Katherine would win, but she didn't. Stupid Taylor. No one likes you. I would NEVER buy his dumb CD. I can't stand his voice. I also can't believe he was safe on AI every single week. He was never in the bottom. Who was voting for him?? I just don't like him.moreless