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  • Absolutely BEAUTIFULL!

    My opinion personally, he's better than Jason in Friday Night Lights, so much more compelled and the better acting co-star. As from the articles I've read and the other reviews people posted about him his name is growing fast and he will get roles in films. But still, Taylor Kitsch is gorgeous! Also, very glad that there is gonna be a second season of Friday Night with him in it. I'm not usually attracted to blondes but he is one fine perfect specimen. It's not every day a new-comer in entertainment who can act and is hot in one. Hope he stays on our screens for a long time in the future! Hands up for Taylor Kitsch!
  • Makes me melt

    Every time Taylor Kitsch is on screen, he makes me melt. I had never seen or heard of him before Friday Night Lights, however after watching the first couple of episodes I made it my goal to watch everything he's ever appeared in. He is such an amazing actor and his portrayal of Tim Riggins is superb. He's beautiful, talented, and from what I've seen in interviews - is an all-around down to earth nice guy. I absolutely love him and hope to see him not only on the small screen but in a ton of movies in the near future.
  • One of the newest young guns on the scene! Taylor Kitsch is bound for stardom and if you don't watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS yet, you don't know what you are missing! It is the best show on TV this season.

    Taylor is not only talented, but has got looks that should be illegal to have! He is my pick to have an outstanding career. I chose him to become a big star from the first time I saw him on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. He can be serious, emotional, funny and mean. He is growing and maturing as we watch him on FNL. I have watched all his films and am looking forward to his next one, Gospel Hill, which is coming out soon. A Friday night just isn't right unless Taylor Kitsch is a part of it! I wish him the best and will totally enjoy seeing him succeed!
  • fabulous acting as gambit

    all I really have to say is that Taylor Kitsh as Gambit was perfect. Perfect role (come on it's Gambit) and Taylor Kitch who did a fabulous job playing the role. I really hope they have gambit in the future x-men movies.

    I would really love to see him take a role on dollhouse. That would be amazing... something other than that friday night lights.

    The show is ok but, not really involving enough to keep me watching it. the theme is nothing that really appeals to me.

    He does well in the movie department though. one... two... three ... hahah Gambit or Pogue
  • Taylor Kitcsh is a regular on the crittically acclaimed television series "Friday Night Lights" playing "Tim Riggins."

    Taylor Kitsch is a powerful actor. he is one of those actors how you really dont know if they will perform when you first see him, and thats what i thought. But he really could perform, and i was very happy with that. (He looked like a model who would have decent acting skills, not great acting skills.) But he surprised me. He is the bad boy and has some sensitive talents that he can really play fairly well. I am completely blown away by his talent and am very excited to see him star in teh Wolverine: Origins movie alongside Hugh Jackman as Gambit.
  • Hot Hot Hot

    Hot Hot Hot
    Did I say Hot?

    I am in love ..... :) I never even heard of Taylor until Friday night lights. He is so adorable in the bad boy sorta way. Hes my new dream man...next to my husband of course. lol
    I think that he is what makes this show worth watching. I believe he is very talented also... He draws you into his story line... And I feel like I really know him. Good casting for the part! I want to see the story go in his favor. I hope he gets the girl in the end. :)
  • Taylor Kitsch plays the best friend of the star QB on NBC s Friday night lights.

    I thing he is going to become one the breakout stars of Friday Night Lights.Taylor\'s character seems to suit him well.I think he is one of the best actors on the show.You can see he really gets into his character.He\'s become one of my most personal favorites which is way I like Friday Night Lights so much.He could probable get a little better in his acting carer.But I think thats what makes him the prefect actor for this role.Which makes me wonder if he\'s ever played football before.Has he? Kitsch will be a star and it will all be thanks to this role on Friday Night Lights!