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  • I love his smile!

    Taylor is a really hot guy... and to make it even better... he is in the New Moon movie!!! Yay! Him taking the role of Jacob Black is a dream for me! Hot in Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and now even hotter in the Twilight movies! Yay! They make him look hotter than Edward! Talyor is in my top 3 hottest guys... lol. I've really enjoyed watching the movies that he's in... it makes them super special! His smile is so gorgeous and its so dazzling... how dreamy... I thought he would be in a more bigger career with acting coz of his good looks, and great acting... lol, Super hot and super awesome! I love him! xxx
  • he's hawt.

    he is one of the greatest actors to come around in awhile, plus hes really hawt! i would absolutly love to meet him one day. he seems like a really nice and pleasant person. twilight is my fave movie and he is a major part of that. i also love the twilight books very much. love his character in the book and movie. i hope he has a successful acting career, or what ever he may choose to do. i would just like to ask one thing...


  • hes gorgeous!

    well in my opinion i think hes just plan GORGEOUS! for me, him and the jonas brothers are competing. twilight made him an even bigger star. and i love him, he is just the hottest guy ever. he is my husband. haha. what? im just a kid. He was a big hit in Cheeper By the Dozen 2, alot of girls, including myself, went crazy over this heart throb. In his 3-D film, Shark Boy and Lava girl, he played a hero by the name of SharkBoy who belonged in a boy named Max's dream. over all, he is a very adorable kid and he is smokin hott!
  • This kid's got alot of talent.

    Taylor Lautner is a really good looking 16 year old boy that has alot of talent. I think he should be a way bigger starr and should play in alot of movies. He is also a really great voice actor. I really like how he looks and he is really HOT! and good looking. He definately deserves a 10 out of 10. He did voice overs in Danny Phantom. He looks and seems really atletic and he is really good in Karate which is cool to see an actor that is atletic. Next he won alot of awards and Taylor keep up the good work.
  • taylor my favorite hero

    i m a big fan of taylor .he is so hot n handsome no one can be like him ...he is the only one who is my favorite hero n i love him a lot
  • Talented!

    But not only is he talented but he is sooo cute! I cant wait to see him in Twilight! I am sure he will do a good job. I havnt seen him in too many other things but I bet that after Twilight is through, he will be in many more movies, tv shows....many other things because I am positive the movie will get popular and I am positive it will make him more famous and well known! Twilight will be his big break. He has done movies before and tv shows which were good! I cant wait to see what else he is in!!!
  • Very talented kid.

    I think that Taylor is one of the most talented childhood actors to ever see the light pf Holly Wood. I think that he deserves his own show eiht costars such as Taylor Dooley and Alyson Stoner. With acting, football, dancing and baseball, Taylor has a lot on his plate but still manages to do it all. Over all Taylor is talented and a cute kid. Give "sharkboy" a hand!
  • Taylor Lautner is very cute and handsome. And he's only a year older than me which isn't bad at all. Compared to the other famous boys that i absolutely love that are 19 and 18 1/2. He was in a past summerland episode and i didn't even realize it.

    Taylor Lautner was born on 2/11/92. He is very cute and handsome. He is very athletic. He does karate. I bet that he is very good. I wonder how long he has been doing karate?
    I have been Ice Skating for 7 years now and I am very good. Taylor is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very cute and gorgeous!
  • Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black

    I am a true, die-heart fan of Taylors' ever since his role as Sharkboy and when I found out that he was going to be staring as Jacob Black, the HAWT werewolf with rock-hard abs, I went bazark!! In the first movie, Twilight, he did pretty well with his short appearance, but, I wasn't quite impressed with the movie. It seemed kind of slow and dreary, but in the 2nd establishment, New Moon, Edward says goodbye to Bella. GoOd RiDeNcE!! Taylor had a much, much bigger part in this movie where he becomes the shoulder to cry on, therefore, squeezing his 107 degree swimmers body into the Bella love triangle. Edward is not impressive to me at all. I mean, who wants a cold vampire with a 50/50 chance of killing you. Therefore, I am Team Jacob even though I know that Edward wins... (((sigh))) PS: He Is VeRy HaWt!!
  • Really has a future ahead of him!

    Think that Taylor is more than just Jacob Black and that he has an acting future ahead of him. Knowing that the guy can act. He isn't in the business for his martial arts and good looks. He is in there for the long run as the guy is smart enough and hopefully can choose the right roles for him. Saw him a little bit in Sharkboy and Lava Girl. He can play with happiness and angst at the same time. That is what makes him good. And that is why he is in the business and will be in it for the long run.
  • so hot and sooooooooo talented why can;t i be that great of a actress???

    Taylor is incredibly talented and should have his own show!!!!! His website is awsome and he is just a total hottie hot hottie. My friends don't think so. Traitors.
    Any way...he should really have his own show because he in incredibly talented and is cute. OK...so its not all about looks, but, they help in the show business. :-) any way... he is also incredibly talented at footbal and martial arts. Not many teenagers are that ambitous to go out and get active and practice so much that they get 3 nationl titles. Most people will try but at first they don't succed so they just quit. If anyone agrees with me on this...email me at flaming_pink_tigers@yahoo.com. Taylor---if you ever read this, which I know you sometimes do...keep up the good work. You have the talent to succed. Don't get down. You can do it.
  • OMG He is talented and is cute. I thought I was alone. all my friends say he is ugly, but I don't. :)

    Taylor is a very talanted kid. It is not that often that you see a teenage kid do all the stuff that he does. I have seen almost everything he has been in and I got to tell he rox. I think that he should get his own show. He has all of the things needed to get it rolling. He is very cute and has the looks. I mean looks are not every thingm but he is nice looking. I know in the future that he will get his own show, or will be totally famouse.Oh and have you been to his website. It give you a lot of information, and an e-mail adress. Taylor if you are reading this I am behind you all the way.
  • fabulous!!

    i think that taylor deservers his own show he is a very talented kid they picked a perfect shark boy he is so
    adoraable. i think he is a great child actor he needs his own show on disney channel or somthing. he also played on cheaper by the dozen 2 they picked the perfect role for him to play. hey plays elliot, eugene levy's son, he has a crush on sarah (alyson stoner) i guess he was sopposed to be like the lady's man. which he is. i heard he is going to be on a lot more movies i hope it's true.
  • Omg the Hottest like Ever! Total Hottue lol

    Taylor Lautner is like my future well I hope he is lol. I love Taylor Lautner because he is hott for one and he does amazing work. His movies are like poetry for some reason it just comes so naturally.I wish I could be as good of an acctress as him but that will never happen because for one im not that talented like come on I/m just thins basic average 12 year old in as way and for two Im not a guy so I cant quite be an actor although I could become and actress. I also think everyone Taylor has worked with has be great too including.: Alyson Stoner, Tom Welling, Piper Parabol i think thats how u spell her name, Hilary Duff, Steve Martin, Jake Smith, Eugene Levy, Taylor Dooly and thats all I know who hes worked with so yea If I figure out anyone else he worked with I though was awesom then iI will Tell you. Im pretty sure all you Taylor Lauter fans out there know about him more than others but ummm you wouldnt if you weren't a fan of him and looked him up so much and well some just are lucky and got to ask him all the questions but I for one uues the method well the only method I had a chance to use and that is to Be his great #1 fan and look him up all the time but unfortunatly there is so much for mue to look up and I think I pretty much have read everything the computer gives me so Unless I actually meet him I won't know and answer to my question that i've been dying to ask. Can u guess Well maybe you can maybe not keep looking on my blog and my reviews and u just might figure it out. Remember to put all the facts together lol... unless i actually meet him i won't know the answer to my question that i've been dying to ask....
  • Taylor Lautner has starred and guest-starred in a couple of movies. He palyed Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. He also played Eliot Murtaugh in Cheaper by The Dozen 2 (I love that movie). He is a fabulous actor and quite the hottie!

    I absolutely LOVE Taylor Lautner! He is a great actor and incredibly hott! In my own girly world, he's my future husband. He was really great as Sharkboy, and just as good in Cheaper by The Dozen 2. He is incredibly athletic, giving him the six-pack abs he has gained. He plays football, is in martial art, and does a little dancing. He is all around a wonderful boy. And he is only fourteen. Can you believe it?! I would watch any movie that he is in (not just because I have a crush on him). If you see his name, be sure not to skip over it. He is an incredibly talented (and HOTT) guy!