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  • Omg the Hottest like Ever! Total Hottue lol

    Taylor Lautner is like my future well I hope he is lol. I love Taylor Lautner because he is hott for one and he does amazing work. His movies are like poetry for some reason it just comes so naturally.I wish I could be as good of an acctress as him but that will never happen because for one im not that talented like come on I/m just thins basic average 12 year old in as way and for two Im not a guy so I cant quite be an actor although I could become and actress. I also think everyone Taylor has worked with has be great too including.: Alyson Stoner, Tom Welling, Piper Parabol i think thats how u spell her name, Hilary Duff, Steve Martin, Jake Smith, Eugene Levy, Taylor Dooly and thats all I know who hes worked with so yea If I figure out anyone else he worked with I though was awesom then iI will Tell you. Im pretty sure all you Taylor Lauter fans out there know about him more than others but ummm you wouldnt if you weren't a fan of him and looked him up so much and well some just are lucky and got to ask him all the questions but I for one uues the method well the only method I had a chance to use and that is to Be his great #1 fan and look him up all the time but unfortunatly there is so much for mue to look up and I think I pretty much have read everything the computer gives me so Unless I actually meet him I won't know and answer to my question that i've been dying to ask. Can u guess Well maybe you can maybe not keep looking on my blog and my reviews and u just might figure it out. Remember to put all the facts together lol... unless i actually meet him i won't know the answer to my question that i've been dying to ask....