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  • so hot and sooooooooo talented why can;t i be that great of a actress???

    Taylor is incredibly talented and should have his own show!!!!! His website is awsome and he is just a total hottie hot hottie. My friends don't think so. Traitors.
    Any way...he should really have his own show because he in incredibly talented and is cute. OK...so its not all about looks, but, they help in the show business. :-) any way... he is also incredibly talented at footbal and martial arts. Not many teenagers are that ambitous to go out and get active and practice so much that they get 3 nationl titles. Most people will try but at first they don't succed so they just quit. If anyone agrees with me on this...email me at flaming_pink_tigers@yahoo.com. Taylor---if you ever read this, which I know you sometimes do...keep up the good work. You have the talent to succed. Don't get down. You can do it.