Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen


7/26/1993, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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Taylor Michel Momsen


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Taylor Momsen's acting career beagn at the age of three, in a commercial for Shake n' Bake. She's 5 feet 7.5 inches tall. Taylor's younger sister Sloane was born on the 20th of December 1996 and is also becoming a rising star. Taylor's first roles in 1999 was…more


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    • Taylor (Compares her roles in Gossip Girl and in Paranoid Park): On Gossip Girl, Jenny is just coming into her own. She's the sweet, nice, shy kid. In Paranoid Park, Jennifer is the popular girl... It was such a change for me.

    • Taylor (Talks about acting): Acting is all about a kind of self-expression. When you take on different roles and become different characters, you have to draw upon your own experiences.

    • Taylor (Talks about what makes her character Jenny from Gossip Girl a relatable character to young female viewers): She has the most "normal" life of the characters. She doesn't come from a ton of money, so she has to use her intelligence and creativity to work her way up the social ladder. She isn't just handed everything like the other girls on the show are. She has a different lifestyle than them and she has to really work for what she wants.

    • Taylor: (When The Grinch movie was over) If the movie had to be redone for some reason, I would start again tomorrow.

    • Taylor: (On her embarrassing moment) I trip a lot. I'm kind of klutzy even though I'm a dancer. I ripped my Achilles heel, had crutches for a year. It was really embarrassing.

    • Taylor: My way is I try to keep a positive attitude about everything.

    • Taylor: I want to continue acting but I'm also a singer.

    • Taylor: I love people. If I do something good and people enjoy it, I like making people happy.

    • Taylor: (the difference between acting and school for her) School, you have to do and that's not always fun but acting, you shouldn't do it if you don't love it.

    • Taylor: I like fashion a lot. I like Pucci for all the patterns. I love vintage but I also love modern style. I mix everything. It's my own style.

    • Taylor (About how she started as a model): Yeah, my mom and I were in New York for the summer and I modeled for Ford. One time, I would not stop talking at the photo shoot so someone there said to my mom 'I think you have her in front of the wrong camera. You should go meet these people'. My mom had no idea what she was getting into and I got my first commercial.

  • She's the girl on Gossip Girl who talks really weird.

    Okay, I don't get it. She was super fabulous and completely cute in the Grinch, but She got weiiird on Gossip girl. I know her character turned all rebellious and cut her hair . . . in all the pictures she's never smiling, she dresses like her character, but worse. She has that terrible haircut with roots that look disgusting and cheap and kind of skunk-like.

    But aside from how terrible she looks now, her acting is extremely sub-par. ALl her lines are obviously looped and she doesn't really bring anything to her character. Also, she looks like the girl from Heartland - who is also very under-talented.moreless
  • Favorite Character on Gossip Girl!

    thank goodness Taylor didn't get the part of Hannah Montana! it would not have done her justice! i've greatly enjoyed watching her and her character develop over time! Taylor is my reason for watching gossip girl. her raw talent and her beauty both astonish me every day. I really have enjoyed the strides she's made in her career and I've enjoyed how she's able to stay away from the "popularity corruption curse". She's remained as cute and good as ever. I've not seen one bad picture or article about her. all in all, she's fantastic and i just love watching her!moreless