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  • She's the girl on Gossip Girl who talks really weird.

    Okay, I don't get it. She was super fabulous and completely cute in the Grinch, but She got weiiird on Gossip girl. I know her character turned all rebellious and cut her hair . . . in all the pictures she's never smiling, she dresses like her character, but worse. She has that terrible haircut with roots that look disgusting and cheap and kind of skunk-like.

    But aside from how terrible she looks now, her acting is extremely sub-par. ALl her lines are obviously looped and she doesn't really bring anything to her character. Also, she looks like the girl from Heartland - who is also very under-talented.
  • Favorite Character on Gossip Girl!

    thank goodness Taylor didn't get the part of Hannah Montana! it would not have done her justice! i've greatly enjoyed watching her and her character develop over time! Taylor is my reason for watching gossip girl. her raw talent and her beauty both astonish me every day. I really have enjoyed the strides she's made in her career and I've enjoyed how she's able to stay away from the "popularity corruption curse". She's remained as cute and good as ever. I've not seen one bad picture or article about her. all in all, she's fantastic and i just love watching her!
  • georgus

    i was watchin gossip girl with my girlfriend and when taylor came up i was lyk wow! obviously all the others are georgus but taylor is around my age and she is stunnin.
    i think she should be in more films and stuff cus i thinks shes got talent.
    and ive heard shes in a rock band lol she does have that rock chick look but i dunno whether she'll be a good singer r watever
    i will probably never watch gossip girl again but if i did it would be for her.
    hmmmm... taylor momsen or hayden pannettiere
    thats a tough decision for one man alone to make :-S
  • loveeeee her!

    actually totally loveeeee Taylor Momsen! She is only 16 but a brilliant actress! she is in Gossip Girl as quite a main character, personally she is my favourite character in it! She has such a unqiue style about her,in and off the show. Personally,i think her hair is awesome and i would loveeee it for myself! Taylor Momsen isn't an actress that is well known but since being in Gossip Girls and a few other things has made herself quite famous and popular in the eyes of world. She has done herself and her family proud of what she has achieved at her young age.
  • Nobody really deserves a 10, because nobody is perfect. But Taylor Momsen gets a close 9 out of 10 from me.

    For a long while, when I was a bit younger, 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas' was one of my favourite movies to watch. I was very impressed by the little girl singing the sweetest song ever and it kind of made me watch it over and over again. Now, that little girl, that impressed me so much, has grown up and mastered a role in 'Gossip Girl'. At first, I was really annoyed by her constant chipperness, she used to bounce through the screen talking about fashion and more. But, as the series progress, I fell in love with little J. from the block.

    Now, I look forward to 'Gossip Girl' not just because of it being a great series, but also due to Taylor Momsen. Not only did this teenage girl, who is younger than I am, make it big on the TV screen. She also perused a singing career. Making me even more envious of her. The band is called 'The Pretty Reckless' and their song 'Blender' is a sign that Taylor Momsen isn't just a rebel on TV from time to time, but she can also be one on stage.

    As I already stated, nobody is perfect, and I'm sure that little J, Taylor Momsen has her flaws. But so far, she is someone I respect and look up to. You can call her whatever you want, a fake or maybe annoying, but I like this girl a lot and nothing others will say can chance that.
  • Absolutly amazing :D

    I am a huge Taylor Momsen fan, she is amazing, talented and beautiful. She just has a way of hooking me in, she's the reason I started watching Gossip Girl, it is an amazing show but it was the fact Taylor was in it that made me give it a chance.

    Usually this is the part of the review where negatives are pointed out, but there are none so I'll keep talking about positives. I love her new hairstyle, it makes her look older, he old one was nice, it looked very innocent but I am really in love with what she's done with it. She is a very underrated star and she should be a global phenomenon, hopefully one day she will be.
  • Little Cindy-Lou Who has grown up!

    Everyone was first introduced to Taylor Momsen as the little girl in the Grinch movie which still remains a Holiday favorite. My family and i watch it every year. As soon as i found out she would be in Gossip Girl i was excited. She is a really talented young star. She plays Jenny really well. Jenny's personality changes alot it seems and Taylor does a great job playing with her personality. One part Jenny scared me lol during the episode with Blair's sleep over near the end of the episode. And now i can't stand Jenny. She is such a brat. Taylor you are doing a great job!
  • I had read an article about Gossip Girl and there was a photo of Taylor with a small bio. I started watching Gossip Girl mainly because of her and it turns out I really like the show.

    For age 14, Taylor is really a good actress. I just finished watching the episode with the sleepover and I thought she was great in that episode. I'm anxious to see her in the new movie, "Paranoid Park". And I'm probably going to rent her older movies also. She was so cute in Spy Kids 2 and the Grinch movies...I can't believe how grown up she looks now. I never would have known that was her. She seems like a very professional devoted actress and I hope her career keeps going well. On the whole, I really like how Gossip Girl's been so far. But my favorite episodes are with Taylor. I'd love to be that age again and have Jenny's spunky, positive personality.