Taylor Schilling

Taylor Schilling


7/27/1984, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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  • Taylor Schilling as Veronica Flanagan on...
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  • Taylor Schilling as Veronica Flanagan on...
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    • Taylor: (on acting) This is one of those things I've always loved and always wanted to do. It's such an interesting way to explore myself and explore human beings. I'm endlessly curious about what makes other people tick, [what makes] me tick, and to get that work is a dream.

    • Taylor: (about people's reaction about her playing a nurse on "Mercy") You can't care that much about what people think. Everyone is going to have an opinion. What I can do is do my best and hope the majority like what I do. I do hope nurses can see some sort of reflection in this role and I hope it's entertaining. It's just TV, I'm not really saving lives.

    • Taylor: (about preparing for her role on "Mercy") I was able to hang out in a hospital in New York for a while and put on scrubs and stand in the back of the ER and watch the nurses do their thing, which was incredibly informative. Also, I've been corresponding with a few women who are actively deployed in Iraq, and that's been incredibly eye-opening. It's such a different perspective on our country, to be around people who risk their lives for us literally every day.

    • Taylor: (On what attracted her to her role on "Mercy") I suspect on some level, everyone has experienced a life changing event that has left them feeling like a fish out of water back home. Veronica is trying to navigate through that feeling in her relationships, at work, with her family and friends... everywhere. She makes mistakes. She's flawed and she's raw. I appreciate her vulnerability and ferocity, her compassion and desire to do the right thing.

    • Taylor: (In an August 2009 interview) I have wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember... I studied acting in undergraduate and graduate school in NYC. Was only a year ago but seems like forever!