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  • I am a Swiftie.

    Just like SpongeBob, I love Taylor Swift, both the old and new. That means I like her both as a country and as a pop singer. Whenever I hear one of Ms. Swift's country songs, I feel nostalgic, but that does not mean that I am not a fan of her newer songs. My favorite song by her is "I Knew You Were Another thing that I wanted to point out about Ms. Swift is that I do miss her old hair because it used to be so curly, but her new hair isn't going to turn me any more or any less of a fan. She is one of my favorite artists regardless.
  • shake it off

    i love shake it off taylor

    by layla

  • Taylor

    You are pure talent what you have is rare
  • I hate her

    She is awful, can't sing. !
  • Taylor Swift

    she's that got me liking country music because of her awesome songs.
  • Trys too hard to be a goodie-goodie.

    Good singer/songwriter.
  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift is my favorite country music, and she's the one that got me liking country music because of her awesome songs.

    Taylor Swift is definitely one of the prettiest celebrities, and I love her songs, everyone of them, and Taylor cannot ever sing a bad song.

    I have absolutely no idea what my fave song by her is, she's sings tons of songs, many that I haven't heard of, and they are always too good to pick a favorite song.

    Taylor Swift is a beautiful young lady, and she also helps out when they're are hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and other things and I heard she has donated millions of dollars to charity, which I find very sweet.

    Taylor Swift is an excellent role model, and she is definitely the first role model I would recommend to people, because of her great deeds and how she doesn't take advantage of being worldwide famous, and that's what I love about Taylor.

    I hope Taylor never quits, she's one of my favorite singer/songwriter, and if her haters let her down, then she has got to remember the saying "Haters are my motivators", because it's true, it makes you ten times more famous. :)

    Love you Taylor! Don't ever quit on us!
  • Finally, a pretty, wholesome talented female singer after all these horrible ones.


    There are so many bad female musicians these days like Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus who are the first nails in the music industry's coffin. Nowadays, 96% of female singers are people who can't sing for their life. Thankfully, Swift is part of the remaining 4%. Unlike the vast majority of so-called female "singers", she has a beautiful voice and can actually sing. Songs like "Love Story" and "Mine" are just great (the latter, along with "Fearless" and "Change", is my personal favorite). The fact that she's simply beautiful is just icing on the cake. Sure, you can't like someone just because they're hot, but at least I have other reasons to like her. Not to mention that she's nothing like, say, Lindasy Lohan. She hasn't done drugs, alcohol, partying or nude pictures, unlike most teen idols these days. All in all, Swift is one of the last great female artists left andshould getmore attention than she currently does.

  • Oh my gosh! Taylor Swift is just the best! She sure can whip the competition singers! SHE IS AWESOME I wish I could meet Taylor Swift in person!

    Taylor Swift is definitely the best 20 year old! She can whip any competition with her beautiful blonde hair and her killer blue eyes! Taylor is the best girl ever! I wish I could meet Taylor Swift in person! I dream of her all the time! She is my favourite singer! The song "Fifteen" is the best song that shes' ever wrote! We are best friends on MySpace! We could spend days just having fn together! She is a role model to all girls! She has appeared on many TV shows such as CSI! She is the trend of 2009
  • I used to absolutely LOVE Taylor Swift because of her down-to-earth persona...but lately I've changed my mind

    There's no doubt that Taylor Swift is a talented young woman. Her writing skills are phenomenal. But her voice is just very average. When she first started singing live, she was absolutely horrible but I have to admit she's improved a great deal since her first appearances. Her vocal coach must be working her hard. She used to be someone I looked up to and I was one of her first fans. It was refreshing to see a young girl like herself become succesful in country music...but she quickly moved to the pop scene. She says she's country, but adding banjos and twang to a song does not make it country...her voice is pure pop. Most of her "country" songs get pop-mixed anyway. Lately she's everywhere and has become a serial dater...she's always got somebody new on her arm and she denies dating them. Her and Taylor Lautner are definitely together. She seems to have gotten a big head...she's no longer that sweet, down-to-earth girl I once loved to listen to. She's winning all of these awards that I don't think she rightfully deserves...she just hasn't been working for it long enough. She's not worth the kind of money people are dishing out to see her in concert...scalpers are taking advantage of young kids just like they did with Miley Cyrus. Pay the normal price or don't go, it's as simple as that. What happened to the girl who sang those inspirational songs I fell in love with? I want that Taylor back...not this overrated bobblehead that is all over the tabloids and E! News. This is just my opinion and I don't mean to offend anybody.
  • She is fake...nothing about her is real.

    Taylor Swift is overrated, overused, talentless, and fake. She gets all her fame from the Jonas Brothers. She was never popular and you hardly ever heard of her before she started dating Joe Jonas. When Joe breaks up with her, all she ever did was talk about him and how he broke her heart, even though she claims to be over him. Another thing is that her voice is terrible. If you ever heard her sing live, I pity you from the bottom of my heart. She sounds like she loses her voice every time she sings live. Her music should not be called country. It is pure pop. Just because there's a banjo and an acoustic guitar it does not make it country. If you want to listen to some REAL country, listen to some George Strait and Tim McGraw. Another thing is the way she gives others a bad reputation and spreads lies. Joe Jonas has lost many fans because of the way she trash talked him on the Ellen Show. I also thinks she steals her songs. In the music career, Taylor Swift is an epic fail.


    I do think Taylor Swift would do much better in the modeling and acting business. Maybe star in some country movies or a take a few pictures for a magazine. She has the right personality for it, and her hair and eyes are to die for, and her country accent is adorable.

    Taylor: Ditch music, do modeling and acting!
  • Taylor Swift is the best!

    Taylor Swift is one of the best Country music stars and she's just turned 19. Taylor has changed Country music from a few teenagerss to many and little kids. Her music relates to people and she's a good role model. I love ALLLL of her songs and i have all of her songs. She has her own MySpace, she writes to people and updates with videos. Her songs are personal and is about her life, boys, and relationship, names included. She already has won many awards and was nominated for a Grammy in 2007. She is my favorite singer ever. She will go far.
  • Got to love Taylor!

    Taylor Swift has an amazing voice i could just listen to her all day. Her best song has to be 'You Belong With Me' it's catchy and upbeat and will have you singing along to it all day :) She has made country music cool again, and never fails to please! Whatever mood you're in there is a song from Taylor to listen to. Her album 'Fearless' is amazing, and she is releasing a platinum edition, i just hope it will be available in the UK! Another great song by her is 'Breathe', it is very different to 'You Belong With Me' because it is slow and dreamy, and Taylor really shows what she can do in this song, she is just great
  • Taylor Swift Is the Best singer EVER!!!!!!!

    This past year my best freind sam would not stop talking about taylor swift. ofcourse i had heard of her and heard her songs but never really said "yeah Taylor Swift Shes great!" but then when my parents took me to a restraunt i went straight to the juke box and looked thru it. it was nobody i really liked but then i saw Taylor swift. i had heard of her so i decide to play sum of her songs. for some reason i got hooked. That christmas i got her first three of her albums her first one Called Taylor Swift, Her second Beautiful eys and her third Fealess. Then i found out at the end of teh school year that i had tickets to go see her in oskosh while she was on her Fearless tour. it was my very first concert at i had the best time. I recomend you see it. so any way Taylor swift is The best singer ever
  • I like her but there's something i cant stand about her....

    White Horse, Picture to burn, you're not sorry... shall i continue? I mean okay, seriously, she has some mental problem or something. She stalks her exs and tells the whole world about it and say that other people do that too??? I was like, wow =.- you're a hero taylor. It's like she seriously need to get over her ex. She should take opputunity of her beautiful voice to sing about other magnificent thing in the world. I mean, yea, im sure her exs had broken her heart into millions of pieces or whatever crap, but seriously, get on with you life.

    Anyway, Taylor Swift- Young, talented, beautiful. Why waste your time in the past?
  • My favorite singer.

    Taylor Swift, 19 years old, is a country pop singer. She is currently my favorite artist out there. Her first CD, made in 2006, is more country than her second one, Fearless, but just as good. Actually, I prefer her 1st one than her 2nd one, but i love both. My favorite songs from her are The Outside, You Belong With Me, Change, Tim McGraw, Forever & Always, Invisible, Picture to Burn, I'd Lie, Untouchable, and I'm Only Me When I'm With You. But I do love all of her songs except for A Perfectly Good Heart and Breathe. She is a very down to earth girl and has a great personality. I'd love to meet her.
  • Taylor swift is amazing i love her.

    Taylor Swift is the best country singer i have seen she has a lot of talent and she is capable of doing anything. When i bought her album fearless i was amazed by her fantastic voice i was very suprised. I thought of the idea to buy her album by hearing her latest single love story. She has the most beautiful hair i have ever seen, i am sure she takes care of herself well. Still today i am searching for new singers like corbin bleu but taylor swift will always be my number 1 singer of all time yeah!!.
  • she has the most beautiful eyes ..

    wow taylor really got beautiful eyes and other then that she is talented as well , she can act and sing but even though im not the type who listen to country music, her voive is too good which is why i decided to listen to her music.she has perfect hair and a very cute face. i dont see much of her but i really admire her eyes and smile. i am surprised that she manage to win many awards . i have seen her music videos and i am impressed with her and she looks good in every music video espeacially in love story video.
  • Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989. She always dreamed of becoming recognized for her ability to write and sing songs. On October 24, 2006, her debut self-titled album was released via Big Machine Records then went double platinum.

    Taylor Swift is one of the best Country music stars and she's my favorite singer! Her music isn't too country, just light country. I really wish I could go to one of her concerts someday, it would be amazing! Taylor has changed Country music from a few teenagers to many. Her music relates to people and she's a good role model. Her songs are so inspirational and I can totally relate to them because they are so real. Her songs are also personal and is about her life, boys, and relationships. She already has won many awards and was nominated for a Grammy in 2007. She is super talented and pretty.
  • Taylor Swift is awesome. I mean she can sing and act. What a perfect combination for her.

    She did an amazing job in CSI playing as Haley Jones. She has made amazing music. Me personal I think that she should be on some more television shows to get more of an acting reputation. But on the plus side I think that she is amazing for what she does and I look up to her for that. I saw that at one of her concerts, she stated to rap the song Lose Yourself by Eminem. All of Taylor Swifts songs are my favorites especially You Belong With Me. I could sing all of her songs for long periods of time. You can say that I a big fan of her.
  • I love her!

    She is such a telented girl. I can't belive she is only 19. She is so real and down to earth. She is like my role model. I had never new what it was to have a role model but then I met her and I was amazed by her. Her songs are just so personal that I feel like they are discibing exactly what I'm going through and and that I'm not alone. I'm so glad she finaly had her chance to be in her favorite show, because che deserves it. Just like she deserves all those awards and all the love of her fans (like me). I hope she keeps going just like until now.
  • A Thinking Belle!

    Taylor Swift might seem very simple at first but it's like all awesome things. A lesser guy would be offended but the best guys are like me. Seriously all guys do not like trashed out chics and Taylor holds her beautiful head high. She also gives girls hopes and respect so that's very cool (even if it made my girl friend a little hoity toity)

    Seriously though I like her style and it's obvious she is thinking smart classy and would be amazing company. yeah that counts. Taylor gets a 10 star salute from me! Nice nice nice. Super star!
  • The best singer ever.

    Such an enchanting voice. Amazing talent. And She writes her own songs. Can you get any better than that?! She is a great role model and a very, very talented singer. Every time I here one of her songs I stop what I am doing and listen. Even thought I think Country music is terrible. Taylor Swift makes it a masterpiece with every song she sings and every video she makes. She should win every award she is nominated for. Not to mention she is really beautiful and funny. To conclude, Taylor Swift is, personally, the best singer who ever lived.
  • Respect for Taylor Swift.

    I have to say that even though I am not the biggest fan of country or listen to it very much, I will say that it has a talent in Taylor Swift. She doesn't have a very good voice. In my opinion, it is absolutely dreadful. But she is a great songwriter and I really have to respect her for all the songs she wrote at a young age. Some of her songs have been at the top of the charts and her albums have been at the top for months and months. I think she is kind of hot, but she is too tall for me. Thank you.
  • I love Taylor Swift

    I love Taylor Swift. I heard from a different website that she is going to be on csi. Does anyone know if that is true if it is true does anyone know when she will be on? I feel really bad for her because Joe had broken up with her in 27 seconds. I love her new cd but I liked the first one better my favorite songs by her are tim magraw and you belong with me and love story.Does anyone know if she will be on any talk shows soon? or if she will be touring any time soon?
  • Amazing, talented, great!

    Taylor Swift is amazing. She sings songs that really touch me, about life, love, loss. one of the things that is so great about her is that she doesn't hide things from her fans...if she's happy, she lets us know...if she is upset, she lets us know...i mean everything that happened with that guy from the Jonas Brothers...she opened her heart to her fans and I love that. I can't pick just one favorite song of hers...but this site has them all. Taylor is truly a gift to music. Even people who don't like country music can appreciate her songs...she is so diverse!

  • Born on December 13, 1989.

    Taylor Swift is a new artist, but she is rising fast. Taylor's self-titled debut album released on October 24, 2006 went double platinum. In 2007 it was re-released with bonus tracks. On October 18, 2007 Taylor released a Christmas album exclusively through Target. Taylor has won a CMT music award as well as a CMA award.

    Wow, Taylor is mad talented! She has a great voice and can really sing! Teardrops On My Guitar is a great song that I can definitely relate to at this point in my life. Love Story is so great and I love how it told a story. White Horse is also pretty good, and she performed it wonderfully at the American Music Awards. Way to go, Taylor!
  • She is the best singer ever!

    Taylor is very talented and very pretty. All her songs tell a part of her life and not very many singers songs do that. She's a great writer and a great singer. Her voice is unique. She's also a good girl. Never much news about her cause she never does anything bad like the once good girl Miley and many other singers. That may be because not many country singers get in the news for messy up but she's became more than country she is now a pop singer. It takes a really good singer to become not only one type of music but more. She's much more than a singer she's a rolemodel and a friend for young people.
  • Taylor is my favorite singer!!!

    Taylor Swift is the most talented Singer that I've have ever known of. She writes her own songs,plays Guitar, Great singer what else could be better than that. Her songs are so inspirational to me because she seems to have a big heart,like me. I'm a big romantic and her songs are perfect. Taylor seems that way too. She's seems like she not afraid to be herself. You go girl! out there doing your thing. I Feel so bad for her with the whole Joe thing. But hey i always thought she could do so much better than him. Taylor your beautiful and keep your head up you have plenty of time to meet someone who deserves you. How bout that new album huh? Love Story is a great hit. My favorite songs from her our: I'd Lie,I'm only me when I'm with you, Our Song, and of course Love Story. Taylor is the greatest love you wow!! Your Biggest Fan, Winny look alike :)
  • Taylor is AMAZING!!

    Not only is Taylor pretty, but she is so nice. When I met her last month she said "Hi, I'm Taylor, It's Really Nice to meet you" I was blown away by her kindness. It wasn't just an act it was truly coming from her heart. One time last year, she stayed after a concert for 3 hours signing autographs,because she wanted to meet EVERYONE. Not to mention that she has written over 200 songs and she is only 18. She even runs her own mypace and replies to everyone she can, but if course she can't reply to everyone since she has over 1 million friends. That is why Taylor Swift is AMAZING
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