Tayshaun Prince

Tayshaun Prince


2/28/1980, Compton, California, USA

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Tayshaun Durell Prince



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    • Tayshaun: Everyone thinks we're playing this great because we want to show we can play without Larry. We're playing like this because we know how it felt to lose the championship, and we want to win it again.

    • Tayshaun: Anything that's more creative is going to be more fun.

    • Tayshaun: We were just worried about coming out here and playing tonight. Whenever you play how we played in Utah, you just want to get up the court as quickly as possible.

    • Tayshaun: When they were making baskets in the fourth quarter, we knew it was going to be a grind-out game. I don't think anybody should have lost. Both teams made plays down the stretch.

    • Tayshaun: It is uncharacteristic on our part, but we do it every once in a while. It thought it was a little out of hand tonight.

    • Tayshaun: I thought Raja Bell did a good job of playing Rip a different way every time. You got a guy that can score off screens like Rip, you can't do the same thing every time. He'll pick you apart. They did a good job of switching things up. It kind of confused Rip for a minute. I think when he went and sat down and saw how he was playing defense, when he went back in there, he made some adjustments.

    • Tayshaun: It seemed like we just picked up where we left off last season. It didn't seem like a first game.

    • Tayshaun: We like man-to-man. But with the long, athletic guys we have, and the quick athletic guys we have, hopefully it shouldn't be a problem for us to mix it up. But it'll be something new for us, and we'll see how it works.

    • Tayshaun: After Chauncey missed that shot at the end of the first overtime, I knew we had to get it back to him again because I knew he'd make up for it.

    • Tayshaun: Every time our execution failed, we responded with our defense.

    • Tayshaun: It's not hard for me. It's only Year 4 for me, but this is coach No. 3.

    • Tayshaun: You want to keep your rhythm. I feel if I miss a game, I kind of lose my rhythm a little bit, so I try not to let that happen.

    • Tayshaun: The thing about it is, we're loose all season long and then when the playoffs come, we're even more loose. People might not think that's a good thing, but it's a good thing for us. We try to stay loose. We still know the focus part and what that mental aspect is, but we like to be loose and get prepared in the way that we have to.

    • Tayshaun: We know what our capabilities are: to have our defense get some stops and try to get started on our offensive game, which wasn't happening for us.

    • Tayshaun: That second unit has been great. We aren't giving them a lift at all.