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Teck Holmes

Teck Holmes


Peoria, Illinois

Birth Name

Tecumshea Holmes


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The son of a minister, Teck has a contagious energy and humor. Teck is a ladies man and--some would say--sexist in a charming way. Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, his goal in life is to become an entertainer and segue into politics, where he hopes to be a positive…more


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  • Teck Holmes is the sexiest man I've ever seen in my life and I have been a few places in my life.

    Teck is just so beautiful and talented and if I could meet him I would change his mind about girls. I would suck his dick so good that he would wish he had me all the time.I don't know why I like him so much, maybe its because of him being naked on the first episode of The real world hawaii. anywayz Like I said if I ever meet him in real life I would do some things to him that could change his mind forevermoreless