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    A CBC mini-series about the first Canadian expedition to challenge Mount Everest.  Ted plays Allan Burgess, one half of the best climbing team in Canada at the time (Burgess' twin brother, Adrian, is the other half, but apparently they couldn't find anyone to play twin to Ted).  Also in the film are Gord Rand (who played Stanley Abbott in several eps of Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye), Jason Priestly, and William Shatner. 

    There's a production log "blog" at http://www.screendoor.org/production/EverestProductionLog.html - it has some pics from the shoot as well as a narrative of the experience by Screen Door Productions partner Heather Haldane.  It really gives you an idea of what a shoot can be like - man, actors work their tails off!

    Everest '82 is tentatively slated to air in 2007.

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    Glad to hear that Ted is working on something for the CBC.  Can't wait to see it.

    It's so hard to find information on Ted.  He needs a better internet presence.


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