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  • Ted Atherton is such an under used actor. He brings so much life to his characters.

    I loved Ted's portrayal of Miles on Sue Thomas. The character of Miles improved so much over the course of the show, and I personally think it is down to Ted not necessarily the writers. They create the words, but the actor enhances or kills them. Ted did way more than enhance. His facial expressions were priceless and the delivery of his sarcastic comments were spot on. Have not had the opportunity to see him in “Nothing too good . ..” as I can not find it in re-runs. Sad to say on only discovered Ted this past summer. I wish he was on a regular series again. The only thing beside Sue Thomas I have seen Ted on is A Bear Named Winnie. His role was way too short. We need more of Ted. He is a true Canadian icon. Just watched his episode of Canada A People’s History, and his role was so small I could not even find him. And I watched it twice! Talk about under-using a person. Ted truly needs his own show. A comedy of course-maybe a comedy/drama. I have the feeling the sarcasm comes naturally, so why not take advantage of it! How does a person write to the wonderful Ted?
  • Not everyone can take a caricature role and turn it into a solid CHARACTER role!

    After "meeting" Ted Atherton in "Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye," I started to look around for other works in his filmography, since I was thoroughly impressed at the depth he brought to the character of Myles Leland III.

    Myles could have been left as a hopelessly two-dimensional character, set up as the ultimate "in-house antagonist" to Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray). But Ted breathed life into the Harvard grad, real life and real depth, even though 90% of it came in non-verbal ways.

    As I caught up with other films, other roles Ted has played, I am continually impressed with his subtlety, his comedic timing, and his ability to make a sappy premise into a very good film. Kudos!!