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  • Not everyone can take a caricature role and turn it into a solid CHARACTER role!

    After "meeting" Ted Atherton in "Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye," I started to look around for other works in his filmography, since I was thoroughly impressed at the depth he brought to the character of Myles Leland III.

    Myles could have been left as a hopelessly two-dimensional character, set up as the ultimate "in-house antagonist" to Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray). But Ted breathed life into the Harvard grad, real life and real depth, even though 90% of it came in non-verbal ways.

    As I caught up with other films, other roles Ted has played, I am continually impressed with his subtlety, his comedic timing, and his ability to make a sappy premise into a very good film. Kudos!!