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    He's great, will definitely continue to watch CSI even though I loved Grissom, I also love DB Russell. He's also hell sexy for someone 65!!! I really like his passion for the oceans and other environmental work. Just an all round loveable guy.
  • A much needed shot in the arm for a lagging series


    When Grissom left, and Fishy failed, a serious change was needed to save the series.

    Ted's delivered.

    Big time.

    The gravitas he brings to the role, coupled with appropriate measures of compassion and force, has injected life into the flagship of the CSI franchise.

    Of all the actors on this show, Ted's the only one who can actually act. His effect on the rest of the cast is visible, and we should get several more years thanks to Ted.

  • Constructive critisism

    I think in a character role he doesn't do too bad. But as an actor in general he could do a lot better. I feel like I am watching exactly the same show whenever I see him acting. All of his characters are the same or have the same vibe to them and to me that doesn't spell out a good actor.
  • Ted Danson is a joke.Fire the casting director immediately.


    Seriously? Who hired this idiot? I used to love this show but I will NEVER watch it again as long as this moron is on the show. He doesn't fit in at all. What a crappy casting job...whoever hired him should be fired along with him. Totally unbelievable in this role. Good grief. Is this the best you could do with all the actors that are out there? This is your answer to Grissom?

  • Not just a funny face.

    This man's chief asset is his impeccable comic timing, as any given episode of Cheers or Becker will prove. He's a gift for physical comedy, too, with his lanky frame and suitably arresting mug (I happen to think he's handsome but I won't deny he was born to look amusingly dumbfounded). Just watch him and Terry Farrell engaging in a slapstick tango after his character puts his back out in Becker - classic stuff.

    While comedy is obviously his bread and butter, it may surprise some to learn that he's equally able when it comes to drama. He handles 'serious' bits in between the laughs with aplomb, proves himself a fine addition to any ensemble though he is well able to carry a piece by himself (see Talking to Heaven, Gulliver's Travels among others). Spot him in a workmanlike cameo in the decidedly hilarity-free Saving Private Ryan, too - not a laughter track in sight.

    I won't use 'gifted'; that's going a bit too far, and he does tend to have a certain schtick nowadays (typecasting?) He is in this humble reviewer's opinion, however, a nuanced, genuinely entertaining veteran standout in today's painfully generic 'funny' brigade, and a pleasure to watch no matter the material, which is often, alas, nothing special. Becker, while occasionally biting, was hardly bleeding edge stuff and just couldn't resist those maudlin moments, a disease it seems the vast majority of sitcoms invariably fall victim to.

    Here's hoping he finds a worthy showcase for his talents in his golden years. And for pete's sake steer clear of the sentimental junk, Ted - you can do better!
  • I can see it now a “late night tirades with Ted Danson”

    If any one who is reading this has seen has seen becker they will know what I’m talking about when I say late night tirades, morning, afternoon, evening, after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner and in the bathroom it really didn't matter. But this is what the show what such a great feel, Ted Danson said over the top character.

    Most people when they think of Ted Danson they think of cheers and Sam Malone but that was a different time and with a different generation. I think Ted Danson was able to reach the younger audience and whole different breed of TV viewers, And this my friends could be the reason why this man is one of the greatest television personalities of all time. Twenty three years separate me and my mother she grew up with cheers and I myself am glued to the screen every day the week by Ted Danson with Becker. Come to think of it I think this is the only thing that my mother and I really do agree on. We if different tastes and foods, different taste in music different thoughts and beliefs Christ we don’t even look alike. But somehow which come together with this.

    Two great shows, two different generations but with one thing it in common one phenomenal actor. I guess there’s only one thing left to say Ted Danson you rule.
  • Man Ted Danson is great actor but always was a cocky person in Cheers (I Hate Cocky People)

    Danson was raised just outside Flagstaff, Ariz. He attended Stanford University, where he became interested in drama during his second year. In 1972, he transferred to Carnegie-Mellon University (formerly Carnegie Tech) in Pittsburgh. After graduation, he was hired as an understudy in Tom Stoppard's Off Broadway production of "The Real Inspector Hound." Danson moved to Los Angeles in 1978 and studied with Dan Fauci at the Actor's Institute, where he also taught classes. Danson lives with his family in Los Angeles. He is a founding member of the American Oceans Campaign (AOC), an organization established to alert Americans to the life-threatening hazards created by oil spills, offshore development, toxic wastes, sewage pollution and other ocean abuses.
  • Ted Danson is best known for his role as Sam Malone on the long-running comedy hit Cheers. His most recent TV show is Becker, which had a succession for six seasons before CBS in a very stupid decision canceled it.

    Ted Danson, formerly Edward Bridge Danson is credited for the role of Sam Malone on Cheers, which had an unusually long run for a comedy television show. When he was 49 or so he signed on the role of Becker where he would play Dr. John Becker, the arrogant, egotistical and highly-opinionated (times 100) man. Somebody with such a character you wouldn't expect him to have friends. Both on Cheers and Becker Danson did a GREAT job of the characters.

    Since I'm 12, I learned about Becker first, since Becker is more recent. He was always so angry or at least irritated on that show so when I learned that he was on Cheers and started watching those reruns, I was kind of like, "Why isn't he mad?" He's that good playing his characters that when you switch to another show starring him as another different character with a completely different persona you keep typecasting them as the actor of the show you're more familiar with. That's how it is with Ted Danson. Whenever I hear his name all I'm getting is Becker, not Sam Malone. For other people though it'll be the other way around.

    He's a great actor to say the least. I hope the Becker seasons go out on DVD like Cheers did.