Ted DiBiase Jr.

Ted DiBiase Jr.


11/8/1982, Clinton, Mississippi

Birth Name

Theodore Marvin DiBiase, Jr.



Also Known As

Ted DiBiase
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Ted DiBiase Jr. was raised by former WWE Superstar Ted Dibiase his father. He grew up in Clinton, Mississippi. Ted graduted from Clinton high school in 2001. He graduted from Mississippi College in 2005. Ted Dibiase Jr. and Mike Dibiase 2nd recieved wrestling training at Harley Race Wrestling…more


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  • Ted Dibiase Jr. a wrestler for the WWE he is a two time world tag team champion with Cody Rhodes. Now Ted is in a stable some call "Priceless" with Manu, Cody Rhodes, and Ted all second generation superstarsmoreless

    Ted Dibiase Jr. is one of the superstars who will most likely be in a main event at wrestlemania. Now Ted Dibiase Jr. had a good start not like everyone else. He has had lots of oppurnities that other superstars never had. But Ted has taken advantages of help from his father. He is one of the most gifted natural born wrestler to be in the buisness right now. He great on the mic and he is a great wrestler who doesn't botch or forget his lines. He can really draw heat. By 2010 if WWE pushes ted right then he could be World Champion or main eventing pay per views. In all an all Ted Dibiase Jr. if he keeps on the right track he could be a future hall of famemoreless