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    • Ted's least favorite aspect of playing Joxer on Xena was his goofy, conical helmet. He says, "When you're wearing a clown costume, it's tough to be serious. What I love and hate about the show is that hat. I've always thought it was funny for about two minutes on camera, and then it's not funny anymore. So I would always try and take it off, but the writers think it's so clever and cute that they'd want me in that thing the whole episode. So there was always a fight between me and the costume department. I'd try and take it off and they'd try and keep it on!"

    • In 2010, Ted branched out into directing and producing, shooting his own web series Playing Dead. He says of his experience with the series, "I thought to myself that I don't want to pitch a pro show just right now, I'd like to do something that's my own thing that I'd have complete creative control over. Then I thought if I did something on the web, then not only would I have creative control, story-wise, then I would also control time lines, and style wise."

    • Ted says he prefers to work on TV to movies, "Because I think it has more staying power than films do. I think the small screen is more intriguing to me, just because there are so many more people watching it."

    • Ted's parents own a lingerie store in his hometown of Detroit; his father was at one time referred to as "The Bra King of Michigan".

    • Ted's favorite episode on Xena was "For Him the Bell Tolls". He also loved "Married With Fishsticks", one of the most unpopular episodes with Xena-fandom. He says of it, "It's definitely one of my favorite episodes, too. I think it's the one of the most daring ones we did. The people that just want to see Xena kick ass, and Gabrielle and all that kind of stuff are not going to be pleased at all. But on a more offbeat level, I think that episode really worked."

    • Ted is an excellent swing dancer and once went dancing with Hudson Leick (Callisto).

    • He played the character Rick in the movie Darkman, who died when a truck squishes his head on a manhole.

    • During the filming of Evil Dead II, Ted plays possessed-demon Henrietta, and the costume he wore caused him to lose weight and sweat uncontrollably. You can see right after the scene in which Henrietta is spinning above Annie, when Annie runs over to Ash. Henrietta bellows with its head tilted sideways, and sweat pours out from the ear.

    • Ted has admitted that he is terrified of horses, and that is why his character on Xena, Joxer, never rode one, except in the episode "Eternal Bonds". He does fall off Argo in that episode, however, so that did nothing to allay his fears.

    • Ted trained in fencing for his role on Xena: Warrior Princess.

    • Ted has stated that he got the role of Joxer on Xena: Warrior Princess, because of his his brother, Sam. Although, it was the fans who allowed him to stay on the show, as they wrote in and demanded more Joxer.

    • Ted took acting classes at the University of Detroit.

    • Ted plays both the piano and the trumpet.

    • Ted's first acting role in a movie that his brother, Sam, has nothing to do with, was the 1989 film, Shocker.

    • Ted was a deejay in high school.

    • Ted was the voice for Sam in the video game, Evil Dead: Regeneration.

    • Ted appeared in a total of 12 episodes of seaQuest DSV, as Lt. j.g. Timothy O'Neill.

    • Ted appeared in 39 episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess, as Joxer.

    • Ted appeared in 3 episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys as Joxer and Alex Kurtzman.

    • Ted had a small role (and different each time) in all three of the Evil Dead movies.

    • Ted's first acting role was a small part in a movie came in 1981 with the horror film, The Evil Dead. The Evil Dead was a project of his brother, Sam.

    • When Ted was growing up, he was babysat by actor Bruce Campbell. Ted says of this, "He'd come over all the time to hang out with my brother Sam. Sam went away to college for a while, so they said to Bruce, 'Look, if you're going hang around here all the time and eat dinner, you'd better do some chores around this place. Go pick Teddy up from cello lessons, make sure he doesn't burn the house down when we're out of town.'"

    • Ted is 6'2" tall.

    • Ted co-wrote the original version of the Joxer The Mighty song which first was played during the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "For Him The Bell Tolls" along with the episode's director Josh Becker.

  • Quotes

    • Ted: I do sci-fi and fantasy, because I love it. I excel at the auditions because I think the producers can see I don't think it's just an alternative to porn. I actually really, really love the genre, and I'm really enthused about it.

    • Ted: (on acting for his brother Sam Raimi) I know exactly what he wants . We grew up watching the same movies, so we have the same visual vocabulary. 'Give me that Captain Kirk punch right over there,' he'd say. The other actors would look puzzled, but I knew exactly what he meant.

    • Ted: (on becoming an actor) Well, it figured someone had to become a thespian while Sam fiddled with zoom lenses and older brother Ivan dabbled in script-writing.

    • Ted: on playing geeks frequently as an actor) When you play a geek -- if you play geek, you get Urkel. That's true with every kind of a character. If you're an actor who knows his business, you don't really play the character, you just play yourself -- that's enough, usually. And people you consider a geek are just normal people who just haven't thought about hipness.

    • Ted: (about guest starring on "Supernatural") Supernatural is, my girlfriend turned me on to that, it's one of my all-time favorite shows. I actually gave Eric Kripke, the producer, a call and said, 'Please, please, put me on your show!' That's the only show I've ever done where I was running a fine line between being a fanboy and an actor. I was blown away! I was like, 'Geez, I'm in the Chevy! I'm in the Chevy!!'

    • Ted: (on his stunt work for "Darkman") I played Rick, the curly haired mobster, who burns Liam Neeson's face. When he returned as Darkman, he shoved me up through a manhole cover and truck squashed my head flat. There I was in an L.A. street at two in the morning with trucks driven by stunt drivers buzzing past my head. 'Are you sure you know how to drive these vehicles?' I'd Tremble. 'Oh yeah, we've been doing it for years. Don't worry'. It was very scary.

    • Ted: I play five parts in Army of Darkness, all with different British accents. I'm in the picture as a gimmick really. It all stemmed from a bet I made with Sam. He said I'd never get away with playing five different roles audiences wouldn't guess were all me. You know my face though, so you'll recognize me now. Damn, I lost.