Teddy Dunn





Durham, North Carolina

Birth Name

Edward Wilkes Dunn




Teddy Dunn is most recognized from his role as Duncan Kane on Veronica Mars.

He also appeared in the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate. The same year, he had a guest appearance on Gilmore Girls. He also had a guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy in 2006.

He attended Northwestern University, where he studied theater and political science. Dunn enjoys playing several sports and is a devoted fan of Major League Baseball. He also remains a student of history and politics.

He attended Phillips Andover, a preparatory high school in Andover, Massachusetts and graduated in 1999. There, he became involved in theater, playing the role of Jerry in Edward Albee's The Zoo Story.

Teddy Dunn grew up in Durham, North Carolina, where he was involved in artistic endeavors with actors Mary Guiteras, Jeni Smith, screenwriter Bobby Curnow, and musicians Daniel Raimi and Nick Rowe.