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    • (On living with Percy Daggs)
      Teddy: Percy and I really never worked together. We have had one scene the entire year where we actually exchange dialogue. And that was when I come up to him in the hallway, it was 'Betty and Veronica,' and I say, 'Hey, good game.' And then Meg and Veronica have a little interaction about their hair. That was pretty much the only time we were on set together. So we really we just hang out at the house. I go off to work, and he'll be home or he'll go off to work, and I'll be at home. We never really had to run into that conflict because we weren't spending all this time together on the set and then at home. I don't think it would have been much of an issue anyway. We are both pretty easygoing guys. We hardly ever get to work together.

    • (On the practical joke Kristen Bell played on him)
      Teddy: She did a great job of selling it. I mean the whole thing. She had the whole crew going too. At the very end, right as I was making out with the guy, she slips me a little card that says, 'You've been punk'd by Kristen.' And I was just like, I freaked out, I slammed the script down...[laughs] It was really good. She got me good.!

    • Teddy: My freshman year, I was a little happy to be out of high school!

    • (On his short role on 'Gilmore Girls')
      Teddy: To show up and smile and then leave. 'Hey Alexis, how you doing. Okay. Bye-bye.'!

    • Teddy: I was on Gilmore Girls for about half a second. That was a two-scene little thing, which was a lot of fun, but I wouldn't call it 'acting', per se.

    • Teddy: In The Manchurian Candidate I played one of the guys in Ben Marco's platoon. I had a couple of improvised lines, but it was pretty much playing G.I. Joe: running around, shooting a gun, getting beat up and tortured, and stuff like that.

    • (On his role in 'Veronica Mars')
      Teddy: This is definitely the first role I've had professionally where I've really sunk my teeth into it.

    • (On a rumour about him during college)
      Teddy: I had a girlfriend for most of college. I had a girlfriend of two-and-a-half years in college. So, I didn't do a whole lot of pimping!

    • (On his kissing scenes with Kristen Bell)
      Teddy Dunn: I'm six feet and Kristen's 5'1"? Right? I think she's 5'2" or 5'3". It's funny whenever we have to do our kissing scenes, I have to bend down. And Kristen has to get up on her tippy toes.

    • (On the writers on 'Veronica Mars')
      Teddy: Well part of the trouble is, Rob [Thomas] and all the staff writers are located in L.A. and we're shooting in San Diego. Rob and the writers get down when they can, but they're usually in L.A., so there's not a whole lot of opportunity for dialogue about that kind of thing. I certainly work with the directors. If there's a question or something like that, we'll work it out and create our justification for it. As far as my own input, I would say that whatever I can come up with on the set -- that is within the confines of the script -- I think is welcomed. And we try and give different takes, different interpretations on different takes, so that we have options in the editing room and things like that.

    • (On his character in 'Veronica Mars')
      Teddy: I think Rob [Thomas] originally wanted me to be bipolar, which we talked about a little bit and which would have been very interesting for me to play. I was actually starting to do some research on that, but then I think it was the network or the studio that didn't want one of the leading characters to have that disorder forever, that is, for the entire run of the show. So they switched it to epilepsy.

    • Teddy: The show is called Veronica Mars, so the point of view that we take is Veronica's. And what you see from her point of view is a great mystery to her as well about my character because of the nature of how we broke up and all of that. There are a lot of questions that can't be answered, because of the way the show is written and the point of view that it takes. It can't be answered until the end of the season.

    • (On his character in 'Veronica Mars')
      Teddy: In 'Meet John Smith' he's definitely struggling with what you later find out to be his epileptic condition. That puts him in this sedated state and drains a lot out of him. Given the tragedy and given what's going on, a lot of which I can't reveal for obvious reasons... what I want to say is that I think it will become a lot clearer, particularly in the last two episodes, what exactly is going on with my character.

    • (On the 'Veronica Mars' cast)
      Teddy: They're just so gracious, and generous.

    • (On Kyle Secor)
      Teddy: The first day on the set, I met him. I said, 'you were my favorite on Homicide,' and I just was grilling him about that, and he was so cool about it, so gracious about it, with his wisdom and his knowledge.

    • Teddy: Kyle Secor, growing up, the funny thing about him was, Homicide was my favorite show growing up, and he was my favorite character on the show, as the one I related closest to. And when I found out he was playing my father on my first, real professional job, I'm working with an idol of mine. It was unbelievable.

    • (On the writing of 'Veronica Mars')
      Teddy: I think there's a lot of doors too that we leave open intentionally, or that Rob [Thomas] leaves open intentionally.

    • Teddy: It's one of the huge differences that I've found working in television for the first time. I had worked mostly in theatre before this. The biggest difference is that the character is continually evolving like the rest of the show. The world we create is continually evolving from week to week. We certainly have outlines and a good idea of where we want everything to go. And when I say 'we', of course I mean Rob Thomas. [chuckles] But for me in terms of the character, I have ideas of where I want to take him and what I want to do with it. But from week to week, anything can change. The scripts go through so many hurdles, you know. Whether it's the network, the studio, there are various drafts, and things can change any day. So it's kind of a constant evolving process.

    • Teddy: I'm glad that we have fans that care so much about the show (Veronica Mars) that they openly criticize some of the things that they don't like.

    • (On his character Duncan in 'Veronica Mars')
      Teddy: I really don't view him as dull or laid-back. I view him as kind of an ambitious guy. Certainly the difference between pre-break up with Veronica/pre-Lilly's murder and after is the most interesting aspect of this character for me to play, because they are two different people. I mean, as anybody who undergoes a significant tragedy like that would be. It certainly changes you and ages you a lot faster than any 17-year-old should be at this point. But I really don't view him as dull. I think there's more...