Tegan & Sara

Tegan & Sara


9/19/1980, Calgary, Alberta

Birth Name

Tegan Rain Quin, Sara Kiersten Quin


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Tegan and Sara's album The Con (2007) was produced by Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie.

    • Tegan had two pet fish named after her sister, Sara, and Sara's partner at the time, Emy.

    • Tegan was asked to write a song for the audio book of Augusten Burrough's book, A Wolf at the Table. Being a great fan of Burrough's work, Tegan accepted the offer, and wrote a song entitled "His Love".

    • The Con (2007) Track Listing:

      1. I Was Married
      2. Relief Next to Me
      3. The Con
      4. Knife Going In
      5. Are You Ten Years Ago
      6. Back in Your Head
      7. Hop a Plane
      8. Soil, Soil
      9. Burn Your Life Down
      10. Nineteen
      11. Floorplan
      12. Like O, Like H
      13. Dark Come Soon
      14. Call It Off

    • So Jealous (2004) Track Listing:

      1. You Wouldn't Like Me
      2. Take Me Anywhere
      3. I Bet It Stung
      4. I Know I Know I Know
      5. Where Does the Good Go
      6. Downtown
      7. I Won't Be Left
      8. Walking with a Ghost
      9. So Jealous
      10. Speak Slow
      11. Wake Up Exhausted
      12. We Didn't Do It
      13. Fix You Up
      14. I Can't Take It

    • If It Was You (2002) Track Listing:

      1. Time Running
      2. You Went Away
      3. Monday Monday Monday
      4. City Girl
      5. Not Tonight
      6. Underwater
      7. I Hear Noises
      8. Living Room
      9. Terrible Storm
      10. And Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart
      11. Want to Be Bad
      12. Don't Confess
      13. Come On Kids [2003 re-release bonus track]

    • This Business of Art (2000) Track Listing:

      1. The First
      2. Proud
      3. Frozen
      4. Hype
      5. My Number
      6. All You Got
      7. Freedom
      8. Not with You
      9. More for Me
      10.Come On

    • Under Feet Like Ours (1999) Track Listing:

      1. Divided
      2. Our Trees
      3. Come On
      4. Freedom
      5. Proud
      6. More for Me
      7. Hype
      8. Clever Meals
      9. This Is Everything
      10. Heavy
      11. Welcome Home
      12. Superstar
      13. Bye!
      14. Frozen

    • During their 2008 European tour after the release of The Con, Tegan and Sara periodically released episodes of a video called Backstage Bilingual through YouTube and Myspace. In these videos they would interview people from the country they were in and learn about local slang and sayings.

    • As Tegan explains on "The Con" DVD, she has ptosis in her left eye.

    • They were nominated for a Juno Award for Alternative Album of The Year for "So Jealous".

    • They won a Western Canadian Music Award for Outstanding Pop Recording for their song "If It Was You."

    • They won a YTV Achievement Award for Band or Musical Group in 2000.

    • Music videos:
      The First, Monday Monday Monday, Living Room, I Hear Noises, Walking With A Ghost, Speak Slow, This Is Everything, Call it Off, Back In Your Head, The Con, Hell, and Alligator.

    • In 2005, DC Shoes released a three song sampler of "So Jealous" as a promotional offer.

    • Singles:
      Time Running, I Hear Noises, Monday Monday Monday, Walking With A Ghost, Speak Slow

    • Albums:
      Yellow Demo, Red Demo, Orange Demo, Under Feet Like Ours, This Business of Art, If It Was You, So Jealous, The Con, I'll Take The Blame EP

    • Band members:
      Tegan Quin (vocals and guitar), Sara Quin (vocals and guitar), Rob Chursinoff (drums, up to 2005), Johnny Five Andrews (drums), Ted Gowans (guitar and keyboard), Chris Carlson (bass guitar)

    • Tegan and Sara were nominated for Alternative Album of the Year at the 2006 Juno Awards.

    • "So Jealous" was named one of the best 50 albums of the year by Rolling Stone magazine in late 2004.

    • "Walking With A Ghost" was mashed-up with a song by Mylo, "Paris Four Hundred" in a dance remix bootleg by Party Ben under the title "Walking With A Ghost In Paris". It became a sought after club track after an influential dance radio station in America, C-89.5/KNHC/Seattle, Washington, started playing it.

    • In 2005, The White Stripes covered Tegan and Sara's song "Walking With A Ghost," which they released on their "Walking With A Ghost" EP.

    • Matt Sharp of The Rentals played moog synthesizer on their song, "So Jealous."

    • In 2004, Maya Rudolph and Matt Sharp of The Rentals recorded a cover version of Tegan and Sara's song "Not Tonight" and released it for free on the Internet.

    • Sara's songs evolve slowly and methodically, and most of them end up on the record.

    • Tegan writes songs prolifically - "like a fish lays eggs", according to Sara. Eventually, most of her songs are usually discarded and never make it to an album.

    • Both twins are involved in vocals and instrument playing, but the singing of the lead melody is often done by whichever twin wrote the particular song.

    • Their sisterly bickering on stage is now considered part of the show and endears them greatly to their fans.

    • The twins like to tell comic stories when performing on stage - a throwback to when they didn't have much material but still wanted to give people a full show.

    • Early copies of their album Under Feet Like Ours were printed with the old band name, Sara and Tegan, and are now highly sought-after by their fans.

    • At the start of their musical careers, they were known as Sara and Tegan, but they decided to change it to Tegan and Sara, since Tegan is a more unusual name and they wanted to avoid confusion with several other Canadian singers named Sara or Sarah, such as Sarah Harmer and Sarah Slean, who were popular at the time.

    • Sara lives in Montreal, Quebec.

    • Tegan lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    • In Canada, they are signed to Universal Music Group.

    • In the U.S., they are signed to Neil Young's Vapor Records.

    • They have played in Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair.

    • They have toured with Weezer.

    • They have toured with Bryan Adams.

    • They have toured with Hot Hot Heat.

    • They have toured with Little Birdy.

    • They have toured with The Killers.

    • They have toured with The Pretenders.

    • They have toured with Ben Folds.

    • They have toured with Ryan Adams.

    • They have toured with Veda Hille.

    • They have toured with Rufus Wainwright.

    • They have toured with Neil Young.

    • When they were starting out, they won Garage Warz, a local music competition in Calgary, Alberta.

    • They are both singer-songwriters.

    • Both sisters have openly admitted they are lesbian.

    • Tegan and Sara are fraternal twin sisters.

  • Quotes

    • Sara: The only time I've ever seen a musical was actually when i was in Grade 12-
      Tegan: That was Grade 9.
      Sara: No, no. That was Grade 12.
      Tegan: Are you talking about Joseph and the?
      Sara: I don't know.
      Tegan: (Talking to their step-dad in the audience) Bruce? When did we go to see the amazing technicolor jacket guy?
      Sara: It was Grade 12.
      Tegan: What was it Bruce?
      Bruce: Twelve.
      Sara: Grade 12, thank you.
      Tegan: Just so you know, it wasn't Grade 12.
      Sara: It was Grade 12.
      Tegan: It wasn't, cause I still had long hair.
      Sara: It was Grade 12, Tegan was in Grade 9, she was held back. We didn't call her dumb, it was more like she was slow. She was special. Tegan really focused on things in High School-
      Tegan: I'll bet you both 250 dollars each.
      Sara: I'll bet you a f***in million dollars.
      Tegn: A million dollars? I don't think you have a million dollars, but I think you have 250 that has my f***in name written all over it.

    • Sara: You're like Captain Kangaroo in here.
      Tegan:I'm not Captain Kangaroo, it's just good for our persona if your dark, I'm light. You're bad, I'm good. You're mean, I'm nice. You say no, I say yes.
      Sara: I have standards, you're a slut.
      (Sara goes over and high fives Ted, then proceeds to the cymbal twice)
      Tegan: I'm still nice.

    • (On MTVU giving out love advice.)
      Sara: Show her you're a baller.
      Tegan: Show her what?
      Sara:Show her you're a baller.
      Tegan: What the f*** is a baller?
      Sara: It's like Nelly. It's like Hip-Hop. It's MTV; we gotta speak their language.

    • Sara: I'm hoping this music thing works out, and if it doesn't work out, I'm going to be making babies and strawberries.

    • Tegan: When the White Stripes covered "Walking With a Ghost" we heard about it before we heard it, and we thought it was a joke; well first we thought we were being lied to, then we thought it was a mistake, then we thought they must be joking, then we thought that they might be making fun of us, then we heard it and we were like, 'cool'.

    • Sara: We like life-
      Tegan: Love it!
      Sara: We like life on the road, sometimes; it's okay. But it's a privilege to get to do what we do, so even during the times where you just don't feel like doing it, you remember that you're playing shows to kids who, this is like the biggest thing for them. And they're so excited. And you try to, you know, corral that energy and remember that for them this is not show 88 of the year, or whatever. This is IT. They're gonna see you once, and they want a good show. And they deserve a good show.

    • Tegan: I was really not a big fan of anything with wings, but I'm sure that this is just because I'm afraid of them getting in my hair, or on me, or up my nose, or something like that. But one time there was a bee in my apartment and I–it was a one room apartment my bed just pulled out from the wall, and so it was the bedroom at night and I would just push it back in during the day and it was the living room. So I was sitting in my living room slash bedroom and this bee flew in the window and I panicked. I was all like, "Ahh!" and went running into the bathroom and then closed the door. I was all like, 'Ahhh', and then I was like 'Well Fuck, I'm in the bathroom, what am i going to do in here?' So I just was like, 'I have to go out and get the bee.' So I opened the door and I peeked out. And I could hear the bee it was fucking big, it was probably the size of my fist. It was like "brrrr", and was just like bumping into shitt and i was like it's come into my apartment to die. It was like big, and full and slow, and it was going to die. So I closed the door, and I was all like 'Fuck, what am i going to do?' And the bathroom was–like there was four stairs up into the bathroom and then there was a bench, it was a rad bathroom–and so i basically came up with this plan because I was so afraid of the bee I was like it's gonna have to fly out the window so i basically opened up the door, ran and threw open another window, and then ran back into the bathroom. And I waited like three minutes, and then i opened the door and it was still out there and so I ran out and grabbed my guitar. And i wrote a song and waited for the bee to die. I know this sounds totally insane, but it was a really big bee. And I don't know if I'm allergic. I didn't want to die alone in my weird creepy bachelor apartment; and I'd just been dumped and I was like, 'I don't wanna die.' I don't wanna get a bee sting and everybody go, 'yeah, she died of a broken heart.' but really it was a bee sting.

    • Sara: Sometimes when I imagine myself with a husband, which I'll never have, I imagine people like the security guys because they're safe and don't have any hair to drop everywhere.

    • Sara(About when men yell and cheer at their concerts and it is a bit frightening): Most the time at concerts it's lady voices, girls' voices really, and then the occasional gigantic-man-voice will come out of nowhere. It's terrifying. I mean, it's good though, you express yourself through any way you like.

      Tegan: Go ahead.

      Sara: Yeah, let it out. If you need to just roar like that, go ahead. Like if I was trying to scare away an intruder, I can tell you right now I would want that voice scaring away the intruder. Not like '(in a high pitched girly voice) I love you! My Number!' They'd be like, the intruder would be like, 'This seems inviting, what's happening here?' But if you screamed and bellowed like that, that would be terrifying.

    • Sara(About a video of three of their fans–who were spanking themselves during a Tegan and Sara concert–posted on youtube.com): At no point in any show in my nine-year career have I thought "I bet there's three girls out there spanking themselves."

    • Sara: When I was eighteen and nineteen years old writing songs, I really did believe that whatever experience I was having was, like, more special than any other person's love experience since the beginning of time.

    • Sara: So sometimes I go on the internet and I occasionally go to our fan pages just to make sure everything's okay, and everyone feels good, and that sort of thing.

    • Tegan: I'm like the one person that's like never been picked up in a bar.