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Telly Savalas Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Telly had 9 hobbies: golfing, swimming, collecting luxury cars, spending time with his family, reading romantic books, watching football, traveling, horse racing and gambling.

    • His son, Nick Savalas's half-sister, Nicolette Sheridan and former Kojak co-star, Kevin Dobson, both starred in the popular 1980s soap opera, Knots Landing.

    • Telly was quitting smoking at the time of Kojak and decided to substitute cigarettes with lollipops, which became the trademark of the character. He also did this to draw attention away from his missing finger, lost in combat during World War II.

    • Telly was the original "Blofeld" in the 1969 James Bond movie: "On Her Majesties' Secret Service." He always wanted to play comedy, not villians. He was also the only audience member to be introduced by Elvis Presley on record, in 1974. on the album "Having Fun Onstage with Elvis!"

  • Quotes

    • Telly Savalas: (on being offered the role of Kojak) I'll do The Marcus Nelson Murders, but I don't want to do a series. How can I do the one role? I mean, I have to varify my life. My life is a variety, I can't be stuck with one character. It won't sell.

    • Telly Savalas: (about diamonds being displayed in various places of the world) Proof that diamonds are a girl's best friend, would be displayed only in the most select museums in the world.

    • Telly Savalas: (on Clint Eastwood) Off-screen Clint is articulate and intelligent, not quiet or laconic like the cowboys and GI's he plays in films.

    • Telly Savalas: Who loves ya, baby?

    • Telly Savalas: We're all born bald baby!